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  • Let's get it started, yo ass is about to get uncharted, especially when you ass look retarded


  • Hey k-d give me some more beat bruh, I'm tryin' to rock these niggas
  • Uh, uh, got me in this going high speed though
  • Spittin' that game and we drive these hoes
  • See these mother fuckers gettin' signed real dope, George, swag, mt, though
  • You got me fucked up I don't love these hoes (nope)
  • Hit it after that it don't show but I gotta speed it back up I'm going kinda slow
  • So how many niggas represent 910? Ran those mother fuckers until I die for sure but anyways I gotta continue my flow because I'm so fast they call me super sonic
  • Sickly when I spit this shit I make a nigga vomit when I'm the only coming that shit is so cool y'all niggas can't even touch me with a rocket
  • Legacy appearin' ain't nobody going to stop it old school swag everyone tryin' copy it well true skill well nigga I got it
  • Hotter than a broke nigga tryin to break into my wallet tryin' not to feel that nigga when I got money in my pocket when maybe I should pop a lock and drop on it and put me underneath and I'm not even stoppin' on it in the clube and deadly old doesn't even put a pop on it should've seen t hat women and these niggas blockin' on it on top of when Jay-z had to get rockin'
  • Y'all niggas flyin' on my swag I'll leave y'all niggas in body bags I'm even iller than a jet lag told y'all automatic applause gives me a damn flag told me E.L when employed gives me you blind bags and y'all niggas don't forget u got a down path even E.L couldn't do nothing about my damn past. It's Tewsly nigga
  • Y'all niggas ain't ready

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