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  • // 0:16 //
  • Listen up gringo, if you think I'm trash
  • Than I guess I'm just too advanced
  • The only thing you do with your hands
  • Is beat your meat till you climax
  • You got dangly sweaty balls
  • Hairier than a neanderthal
  • Better trim them bald like Mr. Clean
  • Cause damn that shit stinks
  • If you wanna ring my bell, than suck it too
  • Todo en tu cara, when I skeet onto you
  • My card stays green
  • And I keep big numbers on my visa
  • While you quarantined
  • I was out with your mom drinking Tequila
  • Gave her orgasms when she got amnesia
  • You right, I ain't on your level, I'm way above
  • The shit I spit gets venomous, but it's worth all the sentences
  • You get buzzed off my messages, cause I get you jealous
  • If you the rock, ima roll you up
  • Light it on fire, and give you to Trump
  • He'll keep you on your knees, while you scream "Mr. President"
  • Then he'll take you to the court of supremes, make it evident
  • If you Robin, I'd have pick you up in the streets of Gotham
  • if you wanna join the team, pull out your johnson
  • If you've forgotten, it's not uncommon
  • To get all numb, from all my poison
  • I'll tape your hands to my glock
  • You can go ahead and point it at my cock
  • But you hit the jackpot, cause ima give you a headshot
  • You ain't shit Ame
  • This ain't no game you can just play
  • I do not proclaim, that you won the game


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  • Not this shit stain again..his writings all typical
  • He's not advanced either, barely rhyming one syllable
  • Subpar content and all that lying, son..pitiful!!
  • Now you 0-4..maybe stop trying, dumb imbecile
  • You're like Rappad's version of a coke'd up Benzino
  • Ya disses not hittin & ya gettin owned by a gringo
  • I topped you in Spanish, hardly knowin the lingo
  • My bars can go lower tho, have ya life thrown into limbo
  • You could give it your all, but this is still an assault
  • Textbook insane, keep testin me expectin different results
  • Give it up dawg, ya not spittin it raw (you suck dick!)
  • Not figuratively..literally, there's jizz in ya jaws
  • And everyone knows it's pointless to vote for you
  • They just feel bad so they chose to throw hope to you
  • Anybody truly thinkin Cos better is needin a head scan
  • Then tied to the gurney & fuckin beat with a bed pan
  • 'Til they clearly retarded, in a coma or dearly departed
  • For pickin this goofy douchebag n how he weirdly responded
  • With those corny ass lines & that basic rhyme scheme
  • I'm lasered in on this pupil like a Lasik eye beam
  • My (w)rapping gifts & presence could make a pine tree
  • I run circles around you despite that I take this lightly!!
  • I mean Jesus Christ! You've even tried feedin twice
  • Both times, got devoured like a green python eatin mice
  • Grab ya neck n squeeze it tight as I slowly seep ya life
  • Ya signals fade when my bars drop like a weak device
  • Let this be proof of what I do to dudes new to the lobby
  • When you check the killcam & I'm still shootin ya body
  • In other words, you practically got screwed massively
  • No skill-based matchmaking, there's a huge gap to me
  • I hold this bitch down..
  • Any group passin me assumes I magically produce gravity
  • Now fuck off & don't challenge me until you improve drastically

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