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  • whats up with this shit?
  • why do you hate that im different?
  • ion give a fuck
  • if people use me like im a drug
  • but you're a wannabe thug
  • you don't got the right
  • to swipe my pride
  • or tell me to commit suicide
  • cause you don't provide
  • the right type of vibes
  • to smoke my pipe
  • bitch please
  • you're like a disease
  • when you're not on your knees
  • you're like 200 degrees
  • you're hot, but exhausting
  • ion wanna be around you
  • except when you offering
  • who even knew
  • that such a pretty view
  • had so many issues
  • god if people knew the truth
  • they'd refuse to drink the same booze
  • i'm like a rap devil
  • cause I got potential
  • im on a whole 'nother level
  • im something you can't handle
  • im writin' so much shit I need another pencil
  • spray ya with my glock
  • watch ya body drop
  • you the only witness, i'll never get caught
  • steal ya coke
  • cause you a joke
  • slice ya throat
  • watch the blood drip down your coat
  • ion make mistakes
  • and just like you this chain is fake
  • ion rant on the gram cause you got a heartbreak
  • i only rap and record, ion ever take breaks
  • lemme ease this blade
  • in the side of your head
  • cause you crying bout not getting paid
  • thats what you get for hatin me on the internet...


  • I was kickin back at the crib, hittin dabs in my rig
  • Off in my own zone just spittin crack from my lips
  • Some hazardous shit considered blasphemous bitch
  • A ravenous gift mixed with the usual fabulous whit
  • My wordplay is Thursdays..a sign of the weaks end
  • Manipulating and morphing the minds of the bleek men
  • Drowned in the rhetoric, desperate for censorship
  • Beggin me to stop twisting heads like the Exorcist
  • Then Neo hit me up, asked me to step up n blaze shit
  • Took a couple pills and now I'm stuck in the matrix
  • Holy Trinity at war with me, sick as cancer son
  • Dodging all these shots, call me Mister Anderson
  • He said Maverick would be installed right beside me
  • I said "If Mav n I the 1's then we ballin like Kyrie!"
  • As high as the sky be, bound to fry if ya try me
  • For me, dyings unlikely like there's vampire inside me
  • I just hang from the high beam, I'm waitin for nightfall
  • Sink my fangs to the white meat, life fades from ya eyeballs
  • You may view it oddly, confused by the proven moxy
  • Of this Godly mutant Annunaki trapped in a human body
  • A 3-headed monster Harry Potter wouldn't pull a wand on
  • Better Duck, we let off and you birds singin ya swan song
  • Blink and ya long gone, lost ya life n don't know why
  • And the alibi we go by is "we been cypherin the whole time"
  • Close it as a Cold Case, a no name with no face
  • Great..guess we will never know John Doe's fate
  • Yall know what the hell I'm bout..Raise hell, I'm out
  • With more stacked up lines than the self-checkout
  • I got it in the bag, paper or praying for magic
  • Neo prey on a spastic, faggot playing his whack shit
  • Stick a six-inch blade in back ribs, filet 'em in traffic
  • Stop runnin..Ame's Top Gunnin, now take it to Maverick

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