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Battle on March 2 2023 and Battle on March 19 2023


  • I gat this feeling im being watched
  • By someone beyond
  • A billion light years apart
  • But my heart still scarred
  • Send him a thousane postcards
  • Buh he still don't respond
  • My mind's being squashe by the hand in the dark
  • Try to light it up but still no sparks
  • So you see me camoflaged
  • All classy in a boulervard
  • Looking nonchalant with a sweatheart
  • You don't know im closer to the graveyard
  • Almost drowning in my fears i need an ark
  • Or Better still technology from Tony starks
  • Demons in my mind its gridlocked
  • Trynna draw me in im shellshocked
  • ...xtas
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  • While you was watching the Disney Channel/
  • I was playing with the kidneys, Of recently killed animals/
  • Now I'm at the Marriot, plotting on where, to bury a cop/
  • My bars are very hot, if i recorded, i would be at the very top/
  • Get out the battle, your barely an opp, pussy bare around the cock/
  • I will beat your ass around the clock/ like nailing the frame on at a shop/
  • When my lyrics drop, beware of the after shock/

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