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Battle on March 2 2023 and Battle on March 21 2023


  • Dear lord our nation
  • Cuz people dyin' from misinformation
  • Last night at the train station I had an inspiration
  • The kinda thing that brings liberation
  • Woking out every day in the gym
  • Just to please that baby 'Kim
  • But she still calls him slim
  • Dear lord help our nation
  • I'm tired of this conversation cuz it's drainin' real quick in slow motion
  • Rapper 'G' got his first viral sensation
  • He got so high He died of elation
  • The fuck is wrong with this generation
  • All we Care 'bout is fashion
  • And niggas with fancy mansions
  • Then we gat black n white fucked up tensions
  • Niggas still livin' even tho their heart be missin'
  • Cops be killing like they be dissin'
  • "I can't breathe" shut the fuck up give me a reason
  • Temptations coming my way so I tread with caution
  • Kill or get killed we don't really have an option
  • Ain't religious tho I'm Christian
  • But imma spit it cuz it's writtin'
  • As long as you rich the bitches dem be trippin'
  • How many bitches out there are virgin
  • I don't know but surely not the sister of Kevin
  • In the government what's corruption
  • It's doin' fucked up shit without permission
  • Careful brother that'll leave in the coffin
  • In hell you'll be burnin'
  • Dear lord help our nation
  • This be my homecoming
  • Just like the thief that'd be Robin
  • Once I start there ain't no stoppin'
  • When is he comin', the messiah salvation
  • To end all discrimination
  • We need hope but all we gat Is desperation
  • Cuz papa didn't love cuz he thought I was a Martian
  • I hope he'll feel sorry later
  • But lt'll be too late cuz I already took the death potion


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  • //you gotta read trill shit twice sometimes, damn!
  • I'm elite with this shit, you'll get decleated if I hit.
  • I done lost a little respect, seeing you become a bitch.
  • I don't need gimmicks, state the lines, I stick to the limit
  • Your sneaky and timid, shaking hard in fake Timberland's.
  • Scared to go the distance, now you physical is remnants.
  • Ya soul is missing, you only was winning for Ten Minutes.
  • Not Dennis but I'm a Menace, General or lieutenant.
  • Your not built for anything, that's involving mental fitness.
  • You know I'm Mister fist sent many men to dental visits.
  • Your style is just caveman art, compared to my Hieroglyphics
  • You know you can't go bar for bar, or even punch for punch
  • I'll follow you from bar to bar, with a punch after punch.
  • I thought this was real beef, but it's more like a treat or brunch
  • Plus ya little song was weaker than a three feet punt.
  • Now I feel ashamed like I'm beating on someone who's drunk.
  • Our weapons might be the same classes, but I have aim and attachments
  • Your picture came out lame, why even attach it the canvas.
  • Hes preying but I'm the Mantis, using secrets from Atlantis
  • Scrolls and manuscripts, causing damage like icebergs to Titanic's
  • He came to Florida and got took out the sky before he landed.
  • His whole team disbanded, now he's fleeing in a panic.
  • Stuck in the swamp frantically manic, and still got stranded
  • If you try to greet the alligator your gonna leave out one handed.
  • I'm a pirate a real rum drinking bandit, you was dumb thinking antics.
  • The analysis said that you could win, using more lines based on schematics
  • And still got your ass kicked, bitch I'm the goat without any asterisk
  • I got love for you though, your my brother so I'll carry your casket
  • Ya family won't know that I replaced the inside with weed ashes
  • I'm The God King the original destiny for passion.
  • I'm a assassin that will assassinate this maggot like I'm Enzio.
  • This is your Ending Hoe, stomped out, with ya chin under my soul
  • And the back of your head, smashed inside a hole in the road.
  • On gang!

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