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Battle on March 17 2023 and Battle on March 21 2023


  • Take ya time it dont matter to me studder till it hurts while i freestyle freely i can make this shit look easy ya its breezy waitin for my chance to get cheesy lookin at the blank page its scary while you write down ya rap i be wit yo girl poppin her titties i cant help poudin dat dairy airy her long blonde hair smell like berries ya them cherries but dont get mad at me its sum i do so happily so i leave her walkin bow legged for days hey what can i say it definitely was worth the pay holla back at me you should thank call me roto router for gettin rid of that stank but playa dont hate like walkin on skates cant call it rape cuz she like it when i stick that thang between her legs.


  • When it comes to the music i kill it with the beat
  • When it goes to the radio they put it on repeat
  • When it comes to the cars i drive more than jeeps
  • When it comes to the house?
  • I live with the street!
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