Battles  Lil_xavier_jnr vs Sfdogg


No rules!

Max of 20 lines


Sfdogg won this battle!


  • This is my last stance cuz not every love story is a romance
  • Loved you at the moment I saw you at a glance
  • Just got out rehab hope I don't relapse
  • My bars so heavy it's weigh a 100grams
  • Ain't racist but most of my niggas are black
  • Look I just wanna chill back and relax
  • But niggas don't want that crazy with attacks
  • Fake niggas in can't stand their acts
  • Cause Im alpha the leader of them packs
  • Too many zeros I can't handle my finance
  • No love from mama cuz all of it was dad's
  • Imma rap terrorist not the one in Iran
  • The jungle king Tarzan
  • We all psychopaths
  • If we popping caps it'll be schnapps
  • Hey Xavier congrats! You just got an A in your maths
  • That was grade school flashback
  • From the trenches ain't no aristocrat
  • For my brothers I write this verse and the times we were called trash
  • But bro this be last stance


  • People are come from another nation
  • Hospitals are full of pation
  • World creation became sin from satan
  • Whole things we need to do in a fiction
  • Grammer is correct but definition
  • Hitman is in a mission
  • I am in a compitition
  • Yo is in a position
  • I liked her like an addiction
  • I am livin'
  • I had an ambition
  • I am a christian
  • I got the knife and cut of the chicken
  • And the dog is hidden
  • The war has begun
  • It is war of religion
  • The classes are in a section
  • I am the trees' protection
  • Wifi is in a connection
  • Can I have your attention?

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