Battles  Lil_xavier_jnr vs Sfdogg


No rules!

Max of 38 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


  • Listen I gat a story to tell
  • I hope you Listen well so ya'all will know how I fell
  • I wanna talk about the past
  • Guess this will be the last
  • A disaster so ain't going back
  • Sorry to momma, poppa, brother's and lovers
  • I had a dream I met this girl
  • She had a slim figure nice waist and tall
  • The moment we met we fell in love and all
  • This affection different hard to explain
  • Cause it was strange
  • Sometimes I wonder if I was sane
  • Or did my brain fly out my head on a plane
  • Cuz everything I did was pretty much lame
  • Cuz when she dropped was like a bomb
  • My all in all
  • I knew it was wrong but could do nothing at all but be led
  • Cuz I was trapped in my head
  • By that witch who cast a spell
  • So bad I thought I was going to hell
  • /Verse2/
  • On the way to my home I see a beggar alone
  • I think why Don't I toss home a coin
  • I did that, then he said the evil spirit in you be gone
  • I glance to look at a turn
  • And crash, boom then I'm gone
  • No I'm not I'm at a hospital where the nurses are as cold as isic
  • Outta the window I see the media
  • Ready to make an encyclopedia of my issue
  • So I remove the needles stabbing my tissue
  • I bolt for the door
  • By the time time the nurse returns I'll be gone


  • Verse 1=
  • Yo he hasn't got a girl cuz
  • He is a fat cat
  • He isn't tall enough
  • He is too short york
  • He got "s" in matematics
  • Cuz he doesn't knew maths
  • He isn't enough educated
  • Cuz he a dumb bum
  • In the past there was a war and
  • It was started by him
  • But that girl was a dream beacause
  • He is too ugly to that girl
  • He gave an apple flower to that girl
  • And she said "bitch you make me hurl"
  • Verse 2=
  • He saw a begger alone
  • He was so happy to met him
  • But didn't gave any coin
  • Cuz he is a begger too
  • And the begger said
  • "You hasn't any spirit"
  • The he had a heartattack
  • Cuz girl didn't met him a long time ago
  • And nurse said
  • "Don't fuck me bitch"

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