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Battle on January 2 2022


This rap was deleted.


  • no swearing easy for an mc means i lengthen my ability to rap
  • without cheap shots im using my zen sheet
  • keep it a buck 50 nothing against me critique me if you please
  • allergic to me long after im gone still enough to make you sneeze
  • Jesus im stepping in puddles flowing my brain just keep going
  • foot on the gas hand on the clutch won't ever just catch me just slowing
  • down on these jokers I'll yoke your future by the throat and choke it
  • left with no hope im hoping you find a new way to go for(p)rap
  • foresee your death through the lens of a rifle
  • while im on top eating French dinners im bigger than the Eiffel
  • my rhymes compared to yours just more f ing complexed
  • set for war If I record a brand new song im tucking stress
  • feel to waist you but u seem new here no clue were
  • to start off but this is what happens every time that u long on
  • lyrical fire brewing the mic were its melts inside ya
  • now u got messed up lungs due to smoke inhalant of rhymes bro
  • (accapella)
  • its Nado

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