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Battle on October 10 2022


This rap was deleted.


  • no offence its tense i rap just wit a passion
  • i only talk just because i hate how niggas actin
  • i only write for rights so please no false trapping
  • please excuse me is that a pistol that your packing
  • they talking shit then there coming up wit excuses
  • shut the fuck up before i knock out your damn mucus
  • its crucial to think that someone is so damn brutal
  • when dude eats toasted strudels and softer than a damn poodle
  • niggas now days just walk around doin voodoo
  • but you knew and she knew and now hes gonna know too
  • now that i'm purging like michael just let me execute
  • i got these bitches off angle but damn they look so acute
  • now that i'm blessing shit call me the fucking exorcist
  • aint no way i'm stretching these words i'm on some extra shit
  • im here to eat your whole damn soul i like it extra thick
  • i am the man of the words call me the specialist
  • i don't know are raps really worth the damn rhyming
  • i guess not there's no plot now that was perfect timing

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