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  • try as i may, there's always bias in my judgement
  • it's a difficult conundrum to tackle
  • have i taken tha initiative to deconstruct our racist world?
  • or, do i take my light-skin privilege for granted?
  • perhaps tha racist i am prefers to turn a blind-eye
  • content to battle for supremacy among dese long corrupted upper white echelons
  • whether it's tha mossad, tha modern organization
  • responsible for mass murda n genocide of palestinians
  • or my university degree from a racist institution
  • all in design to reinforce racial pedigree
  • put up dese walls to keep tha separation between u n me
  • since i possess this status, i've got to be named
  • yet ignorance is bliss, or so they say
  • now, let's discuss brass tax
  • when tha blade cuts down to tha bone
  • we'll see how dis game is played
  • caught up in dis tha binary of black n white
  • try to count all tha indigenous cultures
  • that hve been eradicated from tha face of our earth
  • only to be appropriated for tha sake of cheap capitalist merch
  • walkin thru dis desert alone, searchin for dat drip
  • knowin how we're all goin to be thirsty
  • water is the measure
  • seein all dis blood spill to tha dirt
  • i've seen how hoarders work, it's a shame not to share
  • especially when rejuvenation is tha only way out dis curse
  • maybe i'ma only make dis ting muh'fuckin worse
  • i'll be tha one responsible for layin u out in dat long black hearse
  • while i lead tha parade on my white horse
  • i could call it apartheid, slavery, mass incarceration, unemployment
  • segregation, solitary confinement, dirty water, rape, malnutrition, beatings,
  • murda, murda, murda, utter savagery
  • all tha while makin it out as if dis tha way to live gallantly
  • tha racist i am must concede to havin nothin to offer
  • just brutal justifications for all dese lethal manipulations
  • takin cruel pleasure in all dis unruly deprecation of our dignity n salvation


  • Why be Southpaw when I claw people everywhere, dawg? Why act soft when I'm a hard shell, Mom?
  • So many questions to ask without any answers like what happened when I was almost road splattered?
  • Almost hit by a truck, now I'm mentally fucked up, is it my fault? Or the fault of my Mom's?
  • I haven't seen her in over six months, she only reached out with a text once, not even a call (huh)
  • Am I really that mentally fucked like my half-brother? Assault his Grandma and still can move on?
  • No arrest papers? Now he's got a new job? Charles, what the fuck happened to the bro times we had?
  • Am I really that bad? If you think that, just ask about what Willard 'n Skylar did.
  • Forced sex? That's child molestation. You can't deny it, but somehow you get away with it.
  • There's a lot of shit I've experienced and gone through that I haven't rapped about yet.
  • You'd be surprised of my past. A step-father molesting my cousin? No wonder we're close no longer.
  • Then I find out my Mom's mother wanted her to have an abortion when she had me 'n my sister.
  • You should've listened, if you wanted to so bad, why didn't you risk it? You never bother to visit.
  • There's still more of me to reveal to everyone, I just ain't done it 'cause I stretch it out long.
  • Mom answer me! What the fuck did I do to hurt you?
  • You spent this long hurting me, it's no wonder I hate you.
  • And everyone wonders why I've trashed females before. It all stems back to my Mom, the whore.
  • Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book, check the drawer 'n look. The knife's gone, guess what I took?
  • At five I chased her with a knife, got back at her 'n made her scream 'n cry (Michael Myers time!)
  • Then she favors my sister? Act like I don't exist 'till I grab a knife. Now your throat I'll slit.
  • A hard shell built around me throughout time, now I doubt myself with truths and lies.
  • Plagued by memories of my demise, it's still not an excuse for all these rhymed lines.
  • Now it's too hard for me to open up and show my soft side.
  • It's never been easy until I met 'Professional', she showed me another side of girls.
  • I guess not all of them are bad, who would've thought through this frenzy and whirl?

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