Battles  mossadi vs TwistedThingz



Max of 64 lines


TwistedThingz won this battle!


  • kill tha' white whale wit' a trident
  • strikin' thunda from above
  • shoot outs wit' da po'
  • in da casino on government rollz
  • been thru a lot
  • still waitin' to talk
  • all dese hoes capturin' my thot
  • jus' want a body to hold
  • clap dat 4$$ if i may be so bold
  • ice on my chest
  • flow so cold
  • snowmelt fresh wata swimmin' wit' fishes
  • washin' my own dishes
  • clean up tha' streets an' polish my medals
  • all gold, neva' settle


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  • (Diamond_shine_2-o):
  • see I met this fine and smart nigga
  • See he took me to his crib
  • and never treated me so better
  • i knew for a fact that I will be with him forever
  • Now time has past we will last
  • Cuz i can make u fall in love
  • Then we made it to your house
  • we barely made it to the bed
  • and he started licking me up and down
  • taking of my clothes and never slowing down
  • And he said I never gotten it so wetter
  • But you know I can make you fall in love
  • That's what this good pussy do
  • Baby don't worry cuz I always got you
  • see this lil fine ass nigga walk past
  • and thats when he grabbed my ass
  • took me by the waist and ate my clit
  • yeah i know i can make you fall in love
  • it can get no better than this
  • All the laugh and fun that we had
  • will never pass
  • (TwistedThingz):
  • Come here, pull up a chair, sit down
  • Relax, take a deep breathe, calm down
  • The table's got plenty of room for the both of us
  • When we're together it might just become dangerous
  • That's just the surface, look deeper
  • The roses are in the vase on the table at the center
  • The candles are lit, the light flickering, illuminating our outlines
  • Even while we kiss, you'd still look fine
  • I'll even push the chair in for you, pop some champagne, get out a good bottle of wine
  • Let's not worry about anything, let's just be romantic and have a good time
  • It'd be so easy to make you fall in love
  • It isn't math, it's just luck
  • Or maybe talent plays a role, too, but
  • What if you got stuck in the club
  • Would you still come with me?
  • Once we enter the room, the door will be shut
  • Don't worry about the time, let's have some fun
  • Just you and us
  • That body's like the body of a goddess
  • It feels so good when it gets all over me
  • I can make you the wettest you've ever been
  • 'Cause I feel a connection
  • Between us
  • There's no doubt about it
  • Your one of the most beautiful
  • Ones there ever was
  • And still is
  • Now hand me that body, that sexy 'n precious gift
  • I'll make a promise
  • To always be with you regardless
  • Of what happens
  • 'Cause I can make you fall in love
  • You'll be my princess, I'll be your prince
  • I'll save you whenever you need it, and support you
  • As long as I get a kiss, I'm your wish come true
  • Now let's see what all that body can do

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