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Battle on August 9 2022


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  • (Starts at 0:35)
  • Dornski makes you bleed metaphorically
  • He's already broken down mentally, physically, and emotionally
  • Keep fucking bothering me 'till you got nothin' left by to shriek "Go To Sleep"
  • A loose screw tryna continue, raps skewed, the viewers just pin you
  • Like a Voodoo doll I'll stick A few hundred needles in you
  • Have you crying 'till your face turns blue, get a clue (Blues Clues)
  • Got pissed 'cause I told 'em I was workin' on other shit
  • Shit down bitch, hearin' your dumbass honestly just makes me sick ("Puke")
  • Got me to vomit you up in an effort to spare you, toss in you the bucket, ion wanna scare you
  • Be like Michael Jackson 'n grab the balls you ain't got then move along like an average bot
  • Hearin' someone drag my name, tryna persuade me into a cage
  • Call it the rage, but I'm still unscathed. I bet your amazed when your lost in a maze
  • Like this one it's the same damn thing
  • Fuck all them haters. Haters gonna hate. Like Dave Chapelle, they hate is "Half-Baked"
  • Ridin' in reverse, call me the chain gang. 'Cause when I spit a verse, I'm usin' the same slang
  • Say I got 'till eight to make you shake 'n quake.
  • Consider yourself a car, what's the model 'n make?
  • Now Daddio says I hate vote? Nah, I just vote hate in a quote
  • Your one of Snow Whites 'Seven Dwarfs' each time you rag you smoke dope (Dopey)
  • Call someone's sister hot 'n they bitch. You want me to call her a Thot dumb kid?
  • Honestly I can't make a diss to you that isn't corny.
  • Your votes are rigged, and your raps suck low-key.
  • I'm sure you'd figure that out eventually, so let me point it out now 'fore I dump he (him)
  • He don't wanna battle me, he just wants attention 'n misery.
  • He will be attention eventually when I make his ass some more history.
  • Keep huffin' 'n puffin' for wind or a blunt. Keep shit goin' I'll roll you up.
  • 'Cause who's afraid of the big bad wolf (Suge Knight)? No one!
  • Like a carpet your finally getting the footprints you deserve. And a heel to the face. Fuck you!
  • Make some beats with no recognition. Switch the flow 'n get to rappin'.
  • Call it blowin' off steam or just plain old fuckin' bitchin'
  • 'Cause soon that's what I'll do when I serve you in the kitchen.


  • talking out of mouth, words amount to none no cheek and tongue
  • whole groups here! im ready. We got three, Ed, Edd and Eddy wont even strain on one, its just dumber and dumb
  • who is this bum? look alive the days close to come
  • from when i wanna make throats ache, fast with menacing steps. for gods sake, dont yell betty! i wont stab you
  • just gonna make your head shake and ya spine break. slice takes less than a second. make ya into a milk shake, record it, and drop it in at the end of ya mix tape
  • roger that? its reported back to base. smack to your face pave the way for any other dummy on the way to the path of shame
  • actually lame you fucking alien brain. no fifteen seconds of fame when your including random names like dr.dre
  • no dad in the frame with no friends in the game. everyones sick of you, take a chainsaw to the leg with a bullet to the head
  • shoot the bitch standing up too on the way to being dead
  • spray the led to the womb of your own mother, were fuming at the fact your born cause now we gotta consume every shitty sentence you spew
  • but we dont wanna from the stinking mouth of yours, PUUU!
  • su could never stand up to me ya head'll be abused and used like a puntball SIUU
  • dreading being you pretending as if it doesnt sting letting your girlfriend tread over you but then instead getting mad at the next man for telling you?
  • hes not even real. ai programmed? handmade by the shittiest known to man
  • freak accident in the lab made worse, life was never according to plan. stan got his raybans on everytime he goes ham on his wang to feel like a real God!
  • get this thru your Nog cause im in it more than i should be. should be the last one asking if i want a cookie rookie
  • ill give you this noogie you'll feel down to your pussy a block isnt enough to book me
  • im geting joogie while your shook g, paralyzed from the shock got X in his eyes like he could never look me
  • 4 clover lucky. i got B actin funky cause im bustin on newbies boobies
  • buddy still salty but he got a deal of the plea, back home jerkin wit jergens
  • messin with the family rubies while watchin a movie and tryna shoot one for some rupees
  • he loud with it like he rolled in a doobie. oopsie, publicated your jerk
  • just playin twisted, yk i love you

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