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Battle on August 23 2022


  • Twisted, get this through your head. Stop playing hero on this site, protecting your girl on every thread
  • Spreadin ya shitty vibranium like a gospel. Sorry P, i aint bring my wine and bread!
  • Getting this off my chest, all 3 eminem stans not even cocoa at their best
  • Give this a rest, please.
  • Or bug the the big guy just to see yourself die
  • One too many homicides. Hope ya dont hold this against me, im still a nice guy
  • Pulled you down for a crazy drop. Another tick on the clock, just for you to still not be above, you could never be enough
  • Even on your FEET you cant get out, your nowhere near 5'9
  • Get on ya right knee, before your majesty which just might be me
  • Im getting Hungary, I want a vine o' grapes and you better feed me!
  • Or else ill have you beheaded. Just kidding, I dont like headless Turkeys
  • She, they or he? How the fuck you dating
  • First ever play at your big age on a site for poetry! Couldnt be thee, cause im The Mann and so you see
  • Ill have No Regrets reading your eulogy!
  • A fool to me. No way you lose to me when im on a losing streak
  • Venom coming from the pits of my cheek vile, ill have your walk home 8 Miles worth while, you cant talk hard when getting hard from a Em leak
  • This a Killer pee, I cant take your clique Syria you guys need fucking help! Let me investigate this 113
  • Its funny i can talk how I want, I roam this world free but im getting bored, let me hop in the studio
  • Some new beef arose? A bitch who got things twisted and not even known
  • Im blowin heads off. Silent tip toe through these stepping stones in a gardeners home?
  • Flashlight shown the pencil, smearing the led on his Weird Beard. Garden gnome dead


  • Dornski don't speak, just keep getting beaten roughly
  • Think of it like abusing another kid. Like when the kid walked in and shot up a bitch (school)
  • R.I.P. to those poor souls. But I'm 'bout to put you next to other poor souls that lost to me
  • Challenged you a battle I accept. Murderin' everyone, even the press. Call collect.
  • Just to collect and process this shit. Think of it as you owing me somethin'. It's your debt.
  • Submit a few raps, they don't make the cut. 25 line limit just isn't enough.
  • These rhymes floatin' outta my head, I don't know half the shit I fuckin' said.
  • Be like Eminem, that's what everyone wants. At least that's the goal if you real Hip-Hop
  • Come back to the Chop Shop (Slaughterhouse) with the mutilated corpses. I slaughtered 'em though.
  • Becoming an animal to survive a game. Create more rage. Follow disturbing ways.
  • Just to make them pay. It's a repay from them "DaRealSean" days. Them I'd wanna replay.
  • Sorrow 'n fame, success 'n hate, we all face them at some point someday.
  • Take a look at the picture I paint. Always vicious never sane.
  • Read my lyrics, take my songs, they're all the same.
  • Replayed over if I could just record 'em. Make my own album.
  • But my shit don't mix. Neither did "Ruthless".
  • He was a toothache. Just like " Murder Inc."
  • 'Cause they were murdered in paint. The things I say are cleverly placed.
  • Give credit where it's due, that's what I would say.
  • Then I start to think of all the pain I've gone through.
  • The shit I've done. Just to rap, I became relentless.
  • Take this as you want: a diss or a song. But I'mma spaz out a ton.
  • I'm done. Go ahead, choose. Who're you gonna vote upon?

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