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Battle on February 4 2022


  • hey wanna be like juice wrld you have any last words you wanna say
  • but you don't so keep dreaming cause all the shit you say is gay
  • you already lost this battle once on a random unforgiven day
  • but today is gonna be different so you can find a different way
  • I saw the battles with concepts you didn't win any of the battles all
  • the only reason that would happen is because your ego is to small
  • I wouldn't say I'm the best at battling everyone on RapPad overall
  • But the way you battle other people makes your low profanity fall
  • battling you is not even a challenge so I won't try it at all anyway
  • the only people I would actually show my potential to is puppet or gk
  • so if you think your better than me there is no possible way


  • ok wait you wanna battle ok well here we go guess i have an excuse to write and i don't like
  • guess it's time to put my flow in use because your gonna be mad if i win i know it you think your
  • better than me? you might be but your not the king of the serpents
  • i am your the king of devils but your in a cell and can't get out uh oh looks like somebody forgot who's in charge around here oh wait yea that's me
  • your just the prisoner which is why and how i'm gonna win this battle cause you'll never have a shot against me
  • you'll just always be dumb and stupid and retarded stupid

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