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Battle on May 19 2022


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  • Chorus i'm a bloody killer and i'm gonna kill you with my bloody weapon i killed a caterpillar
  • i had sex with yo mom before i killed her she's dead like apex i'm coming for you next after i kill my ex
  • your bout to be wrapped in latex this beat has super effects your head is getting blown to bits your blood spread on the floor


  • how you gonna call me out with all your self doubt ill split your bars
  • ill make em screech like a car how are you and I meant to battle
  • all you do is ride on dick like a sattle you look worst than Kizzy fresh
  • you can't handle all this mess your gonna lose little boy sit on Santa's
  • lap get you a toy I'm not finished yet your making the decision you'll regret
  • hows a noob gonna beat me how old are you two or three or four
  • you dick eat like a whore your a fucking prostitute do anything for money
  • like your mommy did to let's be honest you suck with all the ugly bitches you
  • fuck your running outta luck let's see how far you'll get on this site
  • your ugly looks like your girlfriends right stay tight how are you gonna
  • fuck my mom your cocks smaller than a smaller than a rock

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