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f*ck 'da rulez

Max of 40 lines


PsychoPuppet- won this battle!


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  • lightin' up
  • enlightenin' 'dese kids
  • real sh*t, whippin' 'dis coupe
  • speaka's on blast, it's a ruckus
  • word of tha' street
  • keepin' tha' hussle
  • i got 'dese b*thces
  • u kno we gotta' eat
  • jus' leave me alone while i sleep
  • u kno i gotta' think
  • reachin' new horizons
  • jus' beyond yo' eye-line
  • 'dey catchin' feelins' frum my successes
  • runnin' 'dis hot mess, it's eclectic
  • real street bizness, give me a reason
  • i got my ace, u got u're hole
  • take 'dat one to tha' dome, bruh
  • meanwhile, i'm hittin' my sh*t
  • pussy so wet, ridin' up on it
  • 'dis my agenda
  • we rich in tha' grind
  • 'da hood iz out
  • u kno what 'diz all about
  • droppin' gems in tha' hands of tha' needy
  • throwin' smoke in tha' faces of tha' greedy
  • f*ck tha' money
  • i'm chasin' tha' honey bees, flowa' powa'


  • Three on a match
  • Just three on a match
  • Two need some action
  • There goes me down the hatch
  • Two on a whim
  • Both of you on a whim
  • Eyes on the prize
  • But she’s lookin for him
  • One on a bet
  • All good fun on a bet
  • Stranded at the bar
  • Drunk and upset
  • None on a date
  • Her number one on a date
  • So this is how it ends
  • Don’t grow up, it’s too late
  • Don’t just count on anything
  • You ain’t mature enough for children
  • Or a wedding ring
  • Who’s that perched on my window?
  • Why it’s a nightingale in a bridal veil!
  • Let her sing
  • You gonna hang out with some burnouts now?
  • Well me too, the table’s set for three
  • It’s a perfect match!
  • You seem to be learnin fast

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