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Battle on March 12 2021


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  • I said AYEOOOOOOO!
  • I'm back in this battle rap nonsense, So who i'm up against
  • Its metro vs another female, imma go on the offense
  • I hope you had your guard up going on the defense
  • Notice i said had bruh, PAST-TENSE
  • Cause you been lackin
  • Battle rap is nothing like coding and you still couldn't hack it
  • See I ain’t the best but when it comes to me vs you it's a different bracket
  • If you this gangsta bitch like you say you are, don't talk about it, back it (up)
  • She the type to go to the store and think she found Gold, dem karots/carrots, what are you a rabbit?
  • She the type to wear tennis chains, so let me snatch em off Ya neck and cause a racket
  • See I'm a living meme, but when it comes to you, You seem to be the bigger joke
  • Don't get it? Its when a female tries to rap, but she manages to suck and blow
  • I mean, that's what you’re supposed to do, its what you rap about, its all you know
  • That was the wave back then before rights were instructed long ago
  • Still don't get the point, come to the line and shoot the free throw
  • Shoot ya shot, and you’ll still miss GET REJECTED YOU STILL RIDING SOLO (GAAAAAH)
  • So don’t come writing me love letters with xoxoxoxox thinking this a game of tic tac toe
  • It's time to lock in, Say Goodbye
  • Your time has come, the king of nolania dies here we fulfill the prophecy
  • You step up, and now you have to keep up that's the policy
  • That's the blueprint we built, so It’ll burn down if you keep defying me
  • Now let's talk about how folks will gas you up, you stretch yo bars but cant keep em at one piece
  • I’ll pull out the blade like tiandi and make sure her top gets cropped, maybe if you get the picture you’ll understand why you always rep a two piece
  • Me and stride are supposed to be alike, look at our skin! But on the battle field no lives matter so we won't make peace


Attached media not accessible.

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  • bitch im the best why you capping
  • i can beat all you lil niggas rapping
  • you done lost half the battles you done
  • so where is yo talent just asking?
  • you ducking cause we caught you lacking
  • i pull up with verses attacking
  • the foundation thats keeping yall standing
  • i hate that yall cant understand me
  • wait please call me king
  • you wild and pretty, dont care about a thing
  • my song is safari, your bar is so bing
  • my baby a champ, he just need a ring
  • aye
  • stepped in the booth
  • roll up a blunt then i blew all my blues
  • if my man a dog i can't find the clues
  • stepping on necks with my red bottom shoes
  • yuh
  • born for the riches
  • aint my fault that yall burned all them bridges
  • why you jealous that shit is a sickness
  • i need money let's get down business
  • you want beef aint no talking to feds
  • you gone be another dead man scared
  • you gone be another dead man walking
  • you gone be another dead man dead

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