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Battle on May 19 2022


  • Been planning yo death for a while might catch a premeditated
  • Baddest bitch on this site, stayin humble, but stayin hated
  • Get up out my face before I wreck yo whole career and have it granulated
  • From user-12765 to STR1DE its like you graduated
  • I got everybody scared, they know not to approach the beast
  • I'll put a tag on the toe, no hesitation leave ya name deceased
  • Might just drag you out the trenches cause you need yo game increased
  • Imma stop you in yo tracks, but stopping me? you gon have to bury me
  • I'm in the mood to kill you with a verse, grinding out my truck I feel like Master P
  • Let me start recording I swear to god imma be a masterpiece
  • I'm unstoppable, don't say my name you might disrupt the peace
  • Interviews ain't for me, asking too many questions imma think you the police
  • G. O. A. T. they really my initials in reality
  • Can't trust a soul only thing holding me down is gravity
  • Xclusive congrats nigga, you finally got to battle me
  • Aye but good luck not too many people can handle me


  • STR1DE said she wanted to speak out against me, as a woman for her "legal right"
  • I'll burry her 6 feet under, so that we can make sure this bitch is out of sight
  • But I wouldn't take word from the thot of the website
  • And that's just me keeping it 100 no need for the Fahrenheit
  • Cause my degree is bigger, it sky-rockets at the speed of light
  • Great! Another female artist, don't go rapping about your pussy. Enough of them do it, so they can claim copyright
  • You made a diss on me called "Guns Blazing"?
  • I put hands on this bitch, now she's hospitalized lets get the Funds Raising
  • You a hoe from cali, rapping about guns. Who are you phasing?
  • Like Kanye west said "Its Amazing"....Your skill doesn't reach the surface floor that is amazing
  • I bring heat everywhere I go, deep from the under-ground. We hell-raising.
  • You said im facing the baddest bitch? You aint the baddest just a bitch
  • I'll treat you like a dog as such, so do me a solid and fetch this Dick
  • And no i ain't hitting on you yet, since your injuries will be on your receiving end, leave you with a stitch
  • "Did it feel good though" Like ricegum asked the rape victim on twitch, cause who knows maybe thats your niche
  • Imma sweep this bitch, give me a broom! She cant tell me otherwise or witch/which
  • Yeah domestic violence ain't no joke, but calling you a woman is. Too late for the gender switch.
  • Hold it down....
  • I'm a 10/10. 9 +1, if I put this 9.1 to your face, the next number in your contacts will be 9.1.1
  • Too bad it wont be another nigga's number, cause you moving too fast, your pussy will be like a flat-tire in the long-run
  • Shell-shocked with my bullets, no wonder I'm calling shot-gun. (Shot-gun shells)
  • I'm shooting these ones, UPPERCUT! Now we can really say I'm armed with a hand-gun!
  • Who set this up? Its a bitch vs a man, going one-on-one
  • I mine as well consider this a game of tag but with my fist balled up, now consider my domestic abuse charge into a hit-and-run
  • If I had to pick a number for my jersey I'd go with 45, now they can call me a Tommy gun!
  • Not because my bars are sub-par. But my bars spit quicker than you spitting out my kids, cannibalistic bitch, don't you dare eat my son!
  • I'm a living sub-machine gun! Meanwhile I'm battling a living semen-bank. She ain't for the streets, she's for EVERYONE
  • Time!

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