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Battle on February 15 2022


  • This procedure's the call: Send Elvira to stall, catching you off-guard only wearing a bra and a Captain America thong
  • Then Ribera will crawl in stealing the shield and just like that your only safety is lost
  • But that extraordinary brawn.. That Super Serum will soon start wearing off.. Carfentanil blow-darted into your larynx, gone.
  • Now what's a park ranger to a snowball fight, if he's outnumbered and his coat ain't right
  • My lil friend no STRANGER to a soldier's LIFE, shred that Vibranium masquerade, you're just a normal guy
  • Let the bullets fly, I got enough AR's to go all night! And enough cocaine to be immortalized!
  • Not authoritarian like the Red Skull but I'm, in bed with the state regulators and po-po swine
  • That's why your pager never gets notified, it's quid-pro-quo, when my shipping container boat arrives.
  • Protecting the US from danger? My favorite heroic lie, a patriotic flag-waver for Joseph Bi'
  • Den just ask Hunter 'bout the ragers I've hosted where the photos show his nose all white.
  • You see what this is Stevey? I play a motherfucking GANGSTER, you're a POSTER CHILD!
  • Bitch I AM the working class! I'm a motherfucking bricklayer, the country's infrastructure is finally getting organized!
  • I was made to fight poverty, you were made to fight Nazis but you're gonna need a fucking ARMY to TAKE ME
  • And before you grab your phone, know I already BOUGHT your MILITARY!
  • Our commonplace is Brooklyn.. Ha, so is Peggy Carter's cake cheeks
  • You don't deserve her, I mean, everybody knows you were just caught slobbin' on your great-niece...


  • Cockroaches, takes one to know one, so go ahead Tony, send in ya little friends, I'm known to shield and shed so come n see
  • Representin' MC, U just another Cuban without the green
  • Me? I've sold my soul to the greater good, so you see I'm soldier made for the blood
  • Scarface it's just a-nother rags to riches, so unoriginal, garage sale tags still on it
  • I Steve Rodgers don't usually bother to get involved with other countries affairs, but ya hit America so ya betta prepare
  • I can and must secure our prosperity, these fuckin' monkeys, only care about money, power, and anarchy
  • Wow, you're great, you killed dozens of un-skilled low-paid mercenaries
  • You maybe can take bar fights and bullets, but one moment with me, I'll have you seein' stars
  • The worlds was yours, had it all, except what you wanted you watched it fall
  • You swallowed denial, and couldn't shoot ya feelings, so she called the shots
  • It's a shame, cause maybe you was an overprotective killer who someone couldn't love
  • I know you couldn't claim her, next time do us a favor, send her to me so the captain can save her
  • The human species should be embarrassed, cause comparin' us is like comparin' America to terrorist
  • And we the people of voters just aren't supportin' that, you lived by the gun and coke, so Tony take it back!
  • Born in a foreign country, always desperate for money, need the guts to take it, I fully understand
  • And just know I don't want to kill you, but I don't like bullies, so I hope you take this beating like a man

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