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Don't waste my time

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Battle on May 17 2022


  • Back into battles
  • Shapin' you as if I'm castin' medals
  • Even if I wrote a simple chorus, I'd still leave you to die in a forest, Hansel and Gretel
  • Two dead kids, them loud ows no more than ripples
  • Tied my ends like George Kittle
  • I'll send this 12 year old kid to the mourge with missles
  • Is that actually you trying to rhyme?
  • Didn't I say don't waste my time
  • Nah, but you just another kid, who only heard of Juice WRLD and 6ix9ine
  • 6 inch screen, with airpods from your 'mean' mom
  • You click submit from the phone, but I'm a PC with mods
  • Got more tricks up my sleave than the god, Ezbo
  • Take that ass from any position, call me Deebo
  • Read bro, easy win in the books, I make murder legal
  • Go cry like a bitch to mom, and get that new phone repo'd


  • Texas state we smoked 'em, bar and grill flamed that potna'
  • 71 thanks for coachin', but now you going out like M40 with a wetback and I talkin a racist quota
  • Cuz I feel like a celebratory I carried the 'Sota
  • I got nothin more to say but solute for hikin the pass
  • You had the best verse on our team, sike it was ass
  • And the Vikings are trash, when you done drinkin yo grape Fanta, put that PURPLE IN THE CAN
  • Every game ends in disappointment where you rub ya neck
  • "Maybe next year" while I stand in your window doing the Aaron Rodgers discount double-check

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