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Battle on September 20 2021


  • Now let me start this shit with a question. Who's only voting for him because it's Psycho? Bunch of puppets.
  • You got their decisions controlled at your fingers like triggers but I'll make sure the fucking gun slips.
  • You lost to that Frat producer, I bet that confused ya, I'll put an end to the reign of psychos with black bazookas.
  • You lost to the king 9 times over, pussycat, I'll snatch the crown- oh wait, you need to snatch it back from Maverick, don't cha?
  • Here's a theory: you don't belong in music, really. I'mma be major since I'm a sharp pencil that doesn't need an eraser, clearly.
  • I'm at the level to shatter glass and metal like Mariah Carey while you're flat-coke bars ain't accidental, you hear me?
  • You got vexed when somebody went and stole your name. But no one stealing my show, you gotta hope and pray.
  • When you combine a mic with a guy as violent as I, I get vile and can't be bottled, easy as 3.1415
  • I'm turning the times tables in addition to subtracting 50% of you, I don't need to envision.
  • Bring a challenger, I'll diss them all point blank and fracture their ribs like division.
  • Snipe from A B C, like Pythagoras theorem ho. You gotta acknowledge that I'm golden, ratio.
  • You hate to know that you failed to show why you're regarded as one of the royals, way to go!
  • I've got your skills cubed, they have me the higher volume. You're just a cartoon balloon inside of a clown's costume.
  • You manipulating the crowd, and their expressions with the intention to get the vote since they give you erections.
  • But I'm solving the inequality of the best versus average. Call me mean, but I'm in battle mode and doing damage.
  • I got the advantage, the privilege to have semi-autos at your cartilage. It ain't hard to tell Vi is like the queen and you just a joker, ha bitch!
  • Oh how I could just tear a man limb from limb, you're so obsessed with Eminem, tryna be him.
  • I bet you got a sex doll with Alaina's face stapled on and your walls are covered with Brittney and Kim.
  • I don't wanna talk talk, I'll just get to clownin' you because your WiFi speeds are the only things going down on you.
  • You wish you was intersex, because you're so into sex that you'd shove your dick up your pussy and call the result "Dex"
  • Your kid is coloured, but you don't see it because he looks albino with all the semen that you said was skin treatment!
  • I'm converting reds to violets, like Viola DeWynter. I got the Saints, the homies in a row and they're ready to kill you.
  • Your alias is "The Splinter", no wonder you're irritating. John told me you got a stretched anal sphincter, no wonder your shit's irritating.
  • You checked out the blog that John wrote, when he's lost nearly have the battles he owned. You still tried learning from the content he showed.
  • It's funny to see the fucking truth be that this bunny who sleeps over half the week is trying to fucking school me!
  • Don't worry, you'll be regarded as one of the greats still, I'm just changing how the public views me like a valium pill.
  • You got good lyrics, but your tone is shitter than mine. Didn't think it was possible until I heard "Horoscopes", oh my!
  • You call yourself PsychoPuppet but you ain't a marionette. You're probably lanky as fuck but can't cause my death.
  • You a puppet? I'm a puppet master, a manipulator. I shape and manoeuvre these bars to penetrate you.
  • Let me get this straight, you might be mighty with the mechanical pencil. But for your voice, you might need more than a stencil.
  • I got used to your punches, as if my sky was grey. As I write my day, you sit and waste your life away.
  • Murder you right away so you won't see the light of day. As you said: "When you combine Soul with Puppet, murder becomes Child’s Play"


  • I just wanna say I’m proud of you for comin out, for whatever it’s worth
  • But since we seein growth I guess it’s only right Violet get left in the dirt
  • Of course I support the trans community, I’m used to gettin rid of pussies
  • But y’all really think I should take it easy on her just cause this kid’s a rookie?
  • For waterin these battles down get left with ya corpse bone dry
  • How a stiff body so past tense when I turn blue/blew hair to blown mind
  • Tried to get people all pissed over personals in a battle, me? I just cracked up instead
  • Had me feelin like ya family: I was fuckin dead, started thinkin of punches for this knucklehead
  • Personals are a basic concept in battles, I was surprised you had trouble with this
  • But I forgot you got psoriasis so it’s easy for shit to get under ya skin
  • Now before you get mad and shit you asked for this with these challenges, throwin shots for nothin like shitty sequels
  • I mean y’all really think this kid’s my equal? I may be long in the tooth but so are (except the cool ones) British people
  • Funny how you the snake but what I spit is lethal, can’t even believe this shit is legal
  • Actin like you grip the piece when you wouldn’t shoot up anything with a needle
  • This battle is experience vs absolutely nothin, honestly it’s hardly a fight
  • And I wasn’t gonna take the British angle but it just goes to show I’m a star who got stripes
  • John-Michael Hogan already stopped my opponent, you so damn soft you would get clocked by a Rolex
  • Y’all know I can work with a king pen and still speak with the hands, it’s not Maya Lopez
  • Let ya teammate throw the battle in our 2v22, how can I have ya back when you spineless as shit?
  • Always so proud that Notdead called you Wiglet but you not alive once I light up ya wig
  • Ya verses all sound exactly the same cause you ain’t got no fuckin style
  • For repeatin the same words over and over I’m doin Viol somethin vile
  • You stay constantly in everybody’s DMs just tryna get mentioned
  • Violet? More like Vi for attention so count ya days cause you dyin in seconds
  • All this talk and still no recognition see that’s why we belittle you
  • It’s just incredible how Vi is practically invisible
  • Catch a body when you get pressed tryna play me, that’s just how I don’t operate
  • What’s this Violet on about when this is just the first rose on ya grave?

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