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Battle on January 20 2022


  • Time for the marionette to kick the rusty bucket.
  • I'm battling one of the best, it's as hard as it gets so fuck it.
  • I'mma go all out like broke bitches with no riches.
  • I think we all know I stick out like the noses of witches.
  • My flow's rapid like a heartbeat when chronically pneumonic, I ain't wack
  • I've been demonic from the embryotic sack.
  • I be high like how narcotics act until I'm in a body bag with the toe tag.
  • You know that, I'm desired like dough stacks 'til I collapse.
  • Now just head out like a canine in a car with the window down.
  • Hold you down with battery like Chris Brown, we doing this now.
  • Like a breakdown, you stationery, no school essentials.
  • But when I make the blood shed from bucked lead, use your dick as a pencil.
  • This battle is just the two of us like it's confidential.
  • You might be influential, but I'm the bitch that got potential!
  • This battle might be consequential but I don't care, that's evidential.
  • I might be in crisis, but it ain't existential.
  • Your bitch loves to bombard my SIM card because she simp hard.
  • I made an adult film in your backyard, which she's the star.
  • I taught her biology, then she grasped onto me.
  • She fell in love with me awfully, she said that every night she thought of me.
  • Little over 16, like a person who's allowed to drink.
  • Clinking the glasses, drinking the citric acid as they blink.
  • Little over 16, like Tommyinnit.
  • I ain't winning, but fuck it, I did it for the thrill in it.


  • If you admit defeat then rebuttal one of my bars
  • Y’all seen how I body marks, leavin motherfuckas with scars
  • Always somethin dramatic but fuck all ya actin
  • Leave a square seein stars, it ain’t Spongebob and Patrick
  • You the type to jack off and lick the cum off the mattress
  • I’m the type to interrupt tennis matches like “Cut out that racket!”
  • I’m twice the animal you are, on god, my reign longer than when they gave Noah the ark
  • Posted “collab with Psycho Puppet” as one of ya goals, I ain’t even know who you are
  • Put my soul in the art like when Otis would chart, pullin ya card while The Joker at large
  • Remains scattered, leave ya tongue in ya circulatory, you can finally say you spoke from the heart
  • The bars I spit bring the house down when I burn ya like an arsonist
  • This bore is duckin shots like antivaxxers servin in the parliament
  • I say shit with my chest, stab ya sternum through the cartilage
  • It ain’t ya profile pic when ya whole circle get a harlequin
  • Word to our battle records this vix vs vics just look at my legacy
  • Don’t rub me the wrong way cause I’m sicker than Vix/Vick’s I put that on everything
  • I BEEN doin this on a larger scale my name weigh a hundred pounds
  • Think new OnlyFans when I’m throwin hands I’mma take these fuckers down
  • Set the precedent, flip out when I’m wiggin like Trump wearin a toupee
  • And if it’s hands let’s see how that gif stacks up against the new wave
  • I’m droppin science to prove you ain’t matter you bout to test an alchemist
  • This a battery charge in this battle of bars, give me static and it’s out with Let
  • THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I’m bout to fuck around and open ya chest up with power tools
  • Now you fucked, look what kinda mess Vix in, I’m just tryna get somethin outta you

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