Battles  Atreus vs RDA


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  • Fuck a red scare I'll Rush-in arms raised with a new clear/ Nuclear goal
  • There's no human error I'll fuel a break down in the reactors
  • For Rus it'll be a Meltdown let's measure his bitch factors
  • When I make this stage an exclusion zone like the shits Chernobyl
  • I'll hammer down right onto the Marx/Marks cut em down like grain
  • I'll bring down this BYOB stars light reign with more strikes than pissed employees
  • There's no livin[ when I [wage a war best if you avoid me
  • I'm the Yeltsin to your Gorbachev your star fell like the Soviet Union
  • Pride of Russia my ass your loss is the only choice get it that's an Oxxy
  • But seriously Rus i expect shit at the table but dog how does it feel biting one of your idols?
  • It's cynical trashing a Stan for a diss but by far nothings worse than this
  • To quote you "that shits borderline garbage"
  • Dont lie your excuse to this "I took a small part and rewrote it caused I wasn’t doing it before sleep and couldn’t really think of shit"
  • It's checkers to chess with dis-abilitywith no IDeas/Ideas how you gonna raise barswith this disability
  • You've got inability to be creative why you still rap is a distant mystery
  • Think about that be-four/fore we verses/versus again


  • A low-key/Loki trickster, Kratos mixture, shit it sounds like you’re the Mr.
  • Kind of funny to imagine, cause Atreus is just a hipster
  • He tried to kiss his long gone sister, got her pissed when trynna fist her
  • An elite barbarian mentality, what you cost like six elixir
  • Ight fuck jokes, I’m bout to scale his ass like Richter
  • Break the ground his game relies on, 89’ World Series fixture
  • I'm a blood collecting victor, breaking layers like some blisters
  • Leave his body disconnected, cut the power from transistors
  • Cue the picture, Atreus recording lines against me
  • Hmmm what can I diss RDA about see...
  • He got zero fans, he's a glaring Stan
  • His raps are boring old school, and
  • His stupid Russian accent probably part of some damn commie Klan
  • (Ugh) So predictable, and all those disses are tiring garbage man
  • It's time to put you through a pro-test, and I ain't talking Kazakhstan
  • See I'm an artist, maybe not by where the chart is
  • But best believe I know a way to turn a body to a carcass
  • Cause shit to compare, your career is doing non-recorded battles on Rappad
  • …Damn, I didn't think that saying it out loud will make it sound that sad
  • You're that bad, I ain't think we even gonna have to battle
  • I thought imma come up in this bitch like the white knight on the saddle
  • Grab the trophy by the handle, now they wanting me to scramble
  • I don't wanna rap against your silly nonsense, mixing syllables like Scrabble
  • Now I gotta blow you off, when you never held a candle
  • What a waste of time, so bring on the RDA name flips
  • You better come with something sacred Atreus, I'm the favorite
  • I’m gonna savour this, my fucking blade is lit
  • Like Zeus to Kratos did, you better go and label it

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