Battles  RDA vs Atreus


Rematch against ParraDoxx (MugShotz), bring your best

Max of 16 lines


Atreus won this battle!


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Battle on January 19 2022 and Battle on January 19 2022


  • I’m bringing Mug Shotz for this ParraDoxx, parallel lines to send your ass across
  • I’m a parading boss, I bring a pair of Glocks, leave your hands red cause you can’t parry shots
  • A paragraph of sauce, I paralyze your words, leave you paranoid from my burns you gon’ need some parasol
  • Bitch I roll the ball so you better take a break, this bout is about to turn this beef to some overcooked steak
  • Last time I slapped your bullshit like you was Reggie Miller, you battled the pick of the litter and you was the trash I had to deliver
  • It’s clearer in this case who flows like river, you know the winner, Mugz just a snack before my dinner
  • I steam like Cole and this was just The Warm Up, get the white flag up cause you Notre-Dame about to blow up
  • Your best lyrics are my throw up, I pull the curtains up so you better show up, leave you brain dead with laid head and a Band-Aid cause you ain’t grow up
  • I’m a wordplay genius but you just a homegenous faggot, lyrics you lack it, you’re McReggor bout to tap it
  • Bianca bout to cause a racket, smoke from cigarettes yeah I pack it, got you trapped from both sides like I’m a fucking bracket
  • You a fool so I better talk in jest, got your chest pressed, damn you got a fat breast
  • But I’m up for test, cause I’m a god I’m blessed, but after I kill your fatass I’m gonna get a rest
  • Man I’m superior I never Dodge a Challenger, but it feels kinda bad to destroy this amateur
  • Fuck destroying I’m gonna grab a canister, fume the gasoline and blast this teen with my deadly caliber
  • Look how far you challenge got me, if you was a passenger I would make you ride this shotty, it’s 1-0 bitch let’s face it there ain’t no way you will win, all you do is blow battles trust the hair on my Chinny chin chin


  • Im Gonna Catch This R Abbit On the Snare Leave Em D ead Oh I Swear it was an A ccident
  • This Word Smith Killed Jimmy Its Sacrament ! But In This Beast Is a Donation of Body Bags Makin him an Inhabitant
  • Im Calculating This Boys Soul will be Fractionate I See his Candy Shit
  • Its Solid Chocolate I see the M In Em Im Not the best a Man could Get But I´ll Still cut you like slipping with a Gillette
  • After The last bars The Rest will be The Dirty Dozen Its A Kill Zone You wanna walk the 8th Mile But you could only walk on Sesame street
  • Leave ya Undies Heavily Shit Streaked Emptying 32 Chambers Im an Accessory to Making ya Obsolete
  • Its a Method Man S o fo Fucks Sake Protect Ya Neck! Before ya Run down That Poor Random Man in the Streets!
  • Im High on that Hippy Crack Im Askin Only for a Moment
  • Your the Opponent Facin Excalibur You´re Fallible I Suffered the First Loss Heres my Atonement
  • I Came as A Novice Now I Bring Laser Focus Partin his Bars as An Ocean An Here comes Moses
  • Oh Hocus Pocus Make Em Turn Green as hes Slitherin Arresto Ya Momentum Give ya Slowness
  • Im Ferocious , One Snap Heres this Sorcerers Stone Leave ya Colored Purple and Chokin for Air
  • I´ve Got this Force Summon it anywhere Im Sun ning ya Its me the Death Star
  • Showing you the Glowing Light And Cut you down with tha Saber The Results of the Damage Extent Are
  • A 40 Car Pile up In Nascar Im not One for Superstition But Im ya Phantom Menace I´ve Race you a Mile Round
  • I´ll ask Anotha Of ya Kin Its Already Won I got The High Ground

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