Battles  Naman vs PsychoPuppet-


i will lost again but why not? All the best भाइ।

Max of 11 lines


PsychoPuppet- won this battle!


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Battle on January 22 2022 and Battle on February 19 2022


  • PsychoPuppet- A psycho that's a puppet he might've gotten the most wins on RapPad the last two months
  • I am Naman may have gotten the least the last 1 moth but I don't care 'cuz I am diamonds I know all stunts
  • Last month he gave me a scar so I just picked it up and started chasing him with my bloody bat
  • And that god damn crack on his ugly skull, I god damn did that!
  • I treat him like a doormat 'cuz I dont really careabout him ya' know
  • Whenever he god damn enters this town everyone scream "oh No!"
  • Psycho Psycho PsychoPuppet aka Psych'snow'puppet gee that name is some shit
  • Then one day he god damn called me "piece of shit so I said he is the god damn REST OF IT!
  • Bloody Numbskull राट😎😎😎


  • Ask anybody if they heard of Naman and they’ll respond with a “Nah man.”
  • A wise but demonic threat, I even go deep off the head like a CAT scan
  • Talkin bout you the shit in ya verses when you ain’t even got substantial lyrics written
  • That little preschool drawing you call ya pic only reflects ya unrealistic image
  • You kneel down on the floor to suck some dick and then bounce back up with ya muscles ripped
  • With set-ups like this I’m puttin in zero effort but I ain’t the 1 2 be fuckin with
  • Ya Soundcloud name is RealBoy and you sound like my old shit, tryna be my carbon copy or somethin?
  • That’s how I know Pinocchio’s just a fairy tale cause I just met a RealBoy who wanna be Puppet
  • You just keep droppin the ball when gettin served like those ping pong tables in rec centers
  • This verse may not even be that sick but you the one who needs to get better
  • And who the fuck heard of an 11 bar verse? Look before you press enter

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