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Old Battle with new technology DRnova Vs Maverick Remix Battle

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  • (DRnova Lyrics as Eminem Ai)
  • Round One was Fun but here we are on Two
  • So I decided to look your name up on Google
  • And what I found out was 📝 The definition of maverick is a independent-minded Person
  • But battle Me it’s Obvious your a washed up old Emcee that’s Hurting
  • You used be like the Maverick in Top Gun ✈️
  • Now your barz are about as entertaining as a Mash Rerun
  • Pardon the Pun but trying to be Mel Gibson from the 1994 Western
  • Like one day you was like I want to be a cowboy battle Rapper
  • And kill outlaws like Clint Eastwood with my Yapper
  • And you probably could if you didn’t lack Verbs and Delivery
  • You never got your barz up to level Synergy
  • Now your growing old and your barz are like History
  • Like your profile pic useta Be of guy name Adam Grizzly 🐻
  • I’m Simply telling you to Give Me the stage light Quickly cause I deserve it now G
  • I’m repenting Minnesota but I ain’t no Hillbilly
  • I sleep in the Twin Cities were cops with a Knee
  • Can kill you to the point your can’t Breathe
  • And you best believe the streets get hot Especially when it’s Burning See 🔥
  • But you wouldn’t Know because you’re so Comfortable in your Hillbilly Bungalow
  • Doing nothing Yo but being entitled Asshole you fucking Homo
  • Remember that you reap what you Sow
  • That’s probably why you get you dick sucked In a Gloryhole
  • Social sexual distancing Is being Practice
  • So I guess it’s better then getting fuck on a Mattress
  • Right Maverick ? Well unless it was Danica Patrick
  • Then I would totally understand Shit 👍🏾 DRnovas flows are just damn Sick
  • Like what the fuck is really wrong with this Bitch
  • He wants to Slap box but he’s going to get the Fist 👊🏾
  • That’s ok because I’m gonna just straight Scissor Kick
  • And K-O you on the Flow And make this 2 and 0
  • Hold down these two L for your Funeral
  • I’m about as done as your Over the Hill
  • DRnova just brought you another Emcee Kill


  • I hope ya got ya tetanus shot
  • cuz this boy'll/boil nail it
  • I've got bigger fish to fry than his broiled tailfin
  • doc got impatient
  • but it's not on my to-do list to fucks with a snake-oil salesman
  • get yo certificate revoked
  • I got the heart of a lion, man's ain't got the stethoscope
  • his heart in rap? no beat, it's undetectable
  • i'm a menace, so, I'mma let the Mini soak when I visit 'em, cuz we both live in Minneso'
  • you're in crowded residentials, I'm hillbilly coast, but I don't rep those reckless imbeciles
  • see nova got less brain cells than I do, his intelligence is artificial, man,
  • land of 10 thousand lakes and this fake still ain't got the wettest flows
  • ask Malcolms, just a few mile comes, Nova got the reddest neck after we snatch his rope
  • hillbilly? know if this King of the Hill then I'm the billygoat
  • virtually he's brave to the virtuoso maven, and I heard that I'm ya fave
  • im not even fucking dead, but if you ever wanted to throw dirt on my name,
  • just the thought of you putting my lyrics into an AI already has me turning in my grave
  • I'd resurrect, hang you from a boom mic and burn you at the stake
  • swear nova hit his head too many times to be learning from mistakes
  • id rather have a real doctor confirm that, not some 40 year old in a beanie and PJ's
  • type to get clowned and confuse it for "you're doing something if you're getting hate!"
  • and imma tweak my statement, i said the ai thing could be a way innovate
  • at least use a different voice instead of bringin to life ya fantasies in reality's escape
  • Stanley
  • it's over
  • narcissistic poser, Photoshoppin ya meat on a shirtless Marshall poster
  • Nova's jaded, definitely not over-hated
  • weasel, im charlie horsin' ya cheekbone
  • like all i had to do was call em a knucklehead, and i was bruisin his ego
  • education zero, no medical license, this is illegal
  • the forums show the illest lists, no needles for som' lethal,
  • think ya sharing "dope" shit, but when you try to fit in, you just use Plazebo/placebo

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