Battles  Maverick vs


Do ya damnedest!!! :* No audio jus felt like I needed to throw out a warm-up

Max of 34 lines


Maverick won this battle!


  • Ain't no way this ghet-to ass boy walked away with a win, wrote "mad points" that garbage aim with no kick, //
  • His physique like the shape of a bin, brain so damn spoiled, I'm pristine, don't waste what I think,
  • This ghet-to ass boy gets my Freudian slip, won't catch me, I scope and destroy, like a bored cat's toy he'll fall in the follow of the red dot scan...
  • ...gets popped fast with what I lay on and hit,
  • Coming guns blazing get vaped like I just smoked that coil, but on the secondhand...
  • I see he's taking a trip! //
  • Chuck Norris ammo, with the long range, clip
  • To his worn sandals, no shoelaces and still flopped past...
  • Check the scheme how I'm lacing the flips //
  • And first off, I only said "word up" cuz ya vocab low and I may "prop" your "defense" but I won't "propagate" I'm not "raising" this bitch //
  • Only pick-me-up you getting is by veins a syringe //
  • Could've easily had you disqualified for not writing to the style of the rules accordingly,
  • Especially since the verse was so ass so what I let myself lose it for? An excuse to let loose on YOURS YA SEE //
  • Ya tats on silly business, I got enough ink to fill the skin prints,
  • Shit the day my pen grazes you then you'd put the syringe down cuz my aim has enough still precision to deal a mid-hit,
  • Euthanasia got ya enthused so HORRIBLY //
  • But you're the only one here with the filler writtens, I vilify for riddance so get killed by instance when you're too soon to FORCE A SCHEME //
  • You're a spitting image of that pedophilia dipshit, you're as fit to be an adult as these children misfit, sorry for the graphic bar that was........Real Explicit
  • How ya got youth in PORNO SCENES //
  • Diss-claimer: None of that's bona-fide
  • But in all honesty to The Real Explicit's music your disc laimer; and you've just encumbered a sore behind //
  • Just some quick warm-up bars, something to warn my targets I'm nothing to score on nah //
  • Up in the morning jottin', plottin', countering my counterparts with missiles so heinous,
  • Your stuff feels forced against what my untouchable forcefield stops //
  • What's Poppin' besides a corny white boy like me, to Orville 'Bach // You know it dawg,
  • But ya fruitier I'm not taste testin' I just see your face reddens, like how an orange peel rots
  • With the chlorophyll spots — Cuz I'll rearrange, set in, and mold ya jaw //
  • Turn ya to a composting pile if you cannot compose a raw, bar out
  • Guard down, gardening fresh out the gate got a greenthumb cuz I poked em and it's all he saw //
  • Plant my knuckles on 'em he'll think it was the concrete he faced, cuz the diagnosis shows Dr. Nova's gonna need the 'cane //
  • Talk about hard Zzz's, putting you to sleep is an easy A....steal this goofball's life, I'm not playing, keep-away..//
  • Doctor Nova, ya shine is ova, no wonder why ya only, pop off's iota, cuz you a copy, carbonated and shaken by my statements you can't take it so I.. minus soda //
  • No equation I just multiply my own stuff, got 'em shaken he shudders but I see 'em from the bushes it's hard to close 'em //
  • I'm ravenous in the bullpen if you need a ghostwriter I'm Barcelona //


  • Round One was Fun but here we are on Two
  • So I decided to look your name up on Google
  • And what I found out was ...The definition of maverick is a independent-minded Person
  • But battle Me it’s Obvious your a washed up old Emcee the Hurting
  • You used be like the Maverick in Top Gun
  • Now your barz are about as entertaining as a Mash Rerun
  • Pardon the Pun but trying to be Mel Gibson from the 1994 Western
  • Like one day you was like I want to be a cowboy battle Rapper
  • And kill outlaws like Clint Eastwood with my Yapper
  • And you probably could if you didn’t lack Verbs and Delivery
  • You never got your barz up to level Synergy
  • Now your growing old and your barz are like History
  • Like your profile pic useta Be of guy name Adam Grizzly
  • I’m Simply telling you to Give Me the stage light Quickly
  • Cause I deserve it now G cause....I’m from Minnesota but I ain’t no Hillbilly
  • I live in the Twin Cities were cops with a Knee
  • Can kill you to the point your can’t Breathe
  • And you best believe the streets get hot Especially when it’s Burning 🔥 See
  • But you wouldn’t Know because you’re so Comfortable in your hillbilly Bungalow
  • Doing nothing Yo but being entitled Asshole you fucking Homo
  • Remember that you reap what you Sow
  • That’s probably way you get you dick sucked In a Gloryhole
  • Social sexual distancing Is being Practice
  • So I guess it’s better then getting fuck on a Mattress
  • Right Maverick ? Well unless it was Danica Patrick
  • Then I would totally understand Shit 👍🏾 DRnovas flows are just damn Sick
  • Like what the fuck is really wrong with this Bitch
  • He wants to Slap box but he’s going to get the Fist 👊🏾
  • That’s ok because I’m gonna just straight Scissor Kick
  • And K-O you on the Flow And make this 2 and 0
  • Hold down these two L for your Funeral
  • I’m about as done as your Over the Hill
  • DRnova just brought you another Emcee Kill ✌️

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