Battles  CSL vs Kondreact


For the 1st round of Khays tournament. 16 bars. Good luck

Max of 16 lines


CSL won this battle!


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  • Twisted lyricist bout to hit you with the illest shit
  • My stock was diminishing so I had to wake from my nap and kill a bitch
  • We not cut from the same cloth, you fabricate, but you boutta get washed like Brian laundrie
  • They’ll find this bitch missing like petito so watch how you taunt me
  • Let me guess you boutta come after my record and how long I been on this shit
  • Talk about how I haven’t accomplished shit when you ain’t even got any accomplishments
  • Everybody know I’m with the shits I constantly see everybody complimenting
  • And I don’t even gotta watch you fall for it seem like it’s condescending
  • Calling yourself a Demi god, when it compares to me you ain’t even half of me
  • Said you’d do joka like nato did gadaffi. You stay missing shots, civilian casualties
  • Tryna serve me up and think you’ll come on top against me like dope doc did
  • Fake gangster acting like he has appeal if you was selling drugs you still couldn’t flip the script
  • That Steve Jobs bar you had in your last battle really got you feeling hard
  • Until you step against me and fail worse than the original macintosh
  • This is Kira vs Lawliet so let’s see if you smart enough to dodge the L
  • This is your death note, every time I open my notebook to write I catch a spell


  • The three piece suit ready if ya'll lay dead in a casket/
  • Bring a vest made of Kevlar and you'll get this “full metal jacket”/
  • Looks like “Hannibal being restrained”, the scene we set for ya death/
  • Get it? “Straps to ya back”. “Muzzle to ya grill”, “2 arms pressed to his chest”/
  • To be blunt you’re wack, C lying if he say he busting caps/
  • Doesn’t take one of Santa’s elves, to tell us you fucking suck at wrap/
  • I’ll Seek you out, roll up in a Cadillac...dressed in something black/
  • “Hop out”, “two arms clapping”, Looks like I'm doing the “jumping jack”/
  • These clips is “bananas”...they “peel off” to stop thoughts of you actin brolic/
  • “Paint a graphic picture” when these “cans dumping” I’m “Jackson Pollock”/
  • I said I’d circle your block and start bucking the heat with no warning/
  • The “street sweeper” eradicates, your “neighborhood, leaves” all “mourning”/
  • This is just plain mean, Lines deadly, I’m a cocaine fiend/
  • The shot heavy, Glock steady, I’ll Shoot til ya can’t breathe/
  • You cool, I'm cold, dont compare us we are not in the same league/
  • This “rounds on me”, when I “fire out that buckle” a “kane scene”/

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