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Battle on October 17 2021


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  • Yesterday my mom turned out to be a junkie
  • But I dont care cuz im over here getting all these hunnids
  • So I dont care if she dont care just keep this track running
  • You think im slow, im gon shoot that shit is not above me.
  • Always keep the strap, ay
  • Run up on me you gotta go hit the sack
  • Hollow rounds, this is not no little love tap
  • Bitches on my dick im gon hit and pass
  • Im just playing round, she dont even have to ask
  • Nowadays, I dont sip on no fucking yak
  • Gotta be sober, got to be quick to act
  • Got to get out this bitch I aint gon be looking back
  • In my neighborhood, mfs smoking that maxwell pack
  • More shit to mention but I aint that bad
  • And I aint no snitch, bitch, just stop the cap
  • You know you was a hoe, you just wanted to tap
  • But I can spit, bitch watch me blow up this fucking track
  • TO BE CONTINUED(had to let em know im alive lmao)


  • k
  • flexing your hoes, like it doesent include your mama, god dang gab i
  • hate to put you through this trama, you say your tough, i might even believe
  • it, stretching your insecurites saying my dad? never seen em.
  • your telling me to go back to docks, your no gangster, your a seaman
  • and you do a great job. dont neglect it see in it. couldent tell if your dissing
  • or mentally bleeding, your sounding quite unstable and want no one to see it
  • just blink and your already blind, im stealing your spotlight, with 10 minutes
  • given time, your gone, not even remembered in the vacuum of time,
  • humiliated like your last name is 69, go find a purpose, instead of writing
  • such insolent rhymes.

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