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im not going to diss you, but you can diss me if u want lol use any song idk,also ignore the name of my song or maybe you SHOULD notice it.

Max of 20 lines


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Battle on October 17 2021


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  • ahem
  • self impression still flaming on, with a forbidden mental side battle going on
  • you find something precious, and like all things it passes on,
  • not your fault nor fate if its tommorow gone.
  • like glass shattered, things go in many ways,
  • what reflection, will you choose to direct the future days.
  • life is like a maze, a lot on your tray, slow paced, or around the other way.
  • sometimes you feel like its too much to take, but sadness is essential to
  • humanity, im not an alien were different but close in so many ways.
  • uniqueness, has its own place.
  • idealization, you thinkin what im thinkin, dont take this forsaken i know
  • what im playin, and im not hiding from it, punches thrown, not a bowling pin.
  • walk all, over, your struggles cause all you need to know is them.


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  • Walking around with my hand on my trigger
  • kinda paranoid and you know it aint from the liquor
  • These hoes want a game and I can deliver
  • Aint got no fame and no cash but I still remember being in the back of the class
  • With the other kids I know their attitude was bad
  • Didnt wanna go to school thought that shit was trash
  • Everything I got I learned from my dad
  • Never had love from my mom im not mad
  • Im so fly feeling like a bat
  • Now im here so cold like a freeza
  • But dont run up on me cuz im clutching on my heater
  • My parents got divorced my pops was a cheater
  • My mama was the beater and my dad was defeated
  • Broken but I aint bleedin
  • Ask me for a hug nah I dont need it
  • I learned from the streets I turned pretty tough
  • Our house got broken into and my family got mugged
  • Man I hate to say this but we came from the mud
  • Bitches telling me that im tryna act hood
  • Come from what im from then you would know it aint good

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