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Fuck you nigga you ain't beat me I'm the greatest rhymes on this bitch.

Max of 18 lines


Web_Alternate won this battle!


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Battle on September 15 2021


  • Don't talk about the woman I love
  • Or I'm getting the motherfucking gloves
  • Knock a nigga out with no regard for yourself
  • I'm wife her even though she has a late night job for health
  • I know I'm good
  • I know I'm good nigga


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  • Hey you suck because you just came on this site thinking you can cross
  • I owned your ass as a boss nobody voted for you yet you lost
  • Hey you suck due to the fact your verse contradicted your name
  • Strong Soul, again you have a weak soul the honesty ingrained
  • Hey you suck because you barely have any rep on this site
  • Compared to you I'm a legend plus a rebel and it's right
  • Hey you suck because you decided to battle a high rep dude
  • Nobody here likes you know you and with a lame verse accepts you
  • Hey you suck because before this site was even recommended
  • Pornhub and whatever else we're the only sites you attended
  • Hey you suck because to beat you it wouldn't take a hundred percent
  • It took zero kinda like your rep and that statements still correct
  • Hey you suck because the bitch you love is a ho hoe bitch
  • Last night she was bouncing up and down on my pogo stick
  • Lastly, you suck because you have a default pic of a mic
  • The same one you suck on behind the scenes just every night

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