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I'm new here heard you were good show me what's you got then or get wrecked.

Max of 18 lines


Web_Alternate won this battle!


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Battle on September 18 2021


  • My name is Strong Soul I am new here
  • I heard you were one of the best top tier
  • Well I'm gonna take your spot these rhymes are hot
  • I'm the next hottest star and you are so not
  • You are so irrelevant now it's comical to bet
  • But this place minds well be a ghost zone it's practically dead
  • That goes for all you wannabe joke of rhymers
  • You dimwits are low and light while my future is brighter


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  • It is awaited the web is negated I'm back and it's time for a statement
  • Up with the latest wasting your patience been moving not stuck on complacent
  • Still keeping it up I'm holding it down but the time is up for the taking
  • These dues that I'm paying I paid in advance just look at the shit I am making
  • Making some bread I'm slicing it though giving you none I'm keeping it all
  • Call me Web Alternative though I'll change the game up the peak and evolve
  • So that will involve me rocking bizarre with these heavy guitars
  • I lift the heaviest car prep to spar with the heftiest stars
  • It's so bizarre yet I'll drop a drunk with the deadliest bars
  • I sent him for 1000 miles behind bars I bet he is far
  • Your shitting sauce I'm shitting bricks my shit is dense but say I'm packed
  • I'm kidding y'all my shit it smells like I'm filthy rich I bathe in cash
  • Get cleared the man in a suit or does the suit make the man the man?
  • I'm the man in pursuit the suit is me I own the suited the man I am
  • So I'll end it right here been an open book but now it's closing time
  • I'm out of this bitch like I dumped that ass oh so fast I try

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