Battles  Talk-Sick vs JugheadOnTheBeat


Our third battle. The last two battles it has been tied. One of us needs to come out victorious.

Max of 63 lines


Talk-Sick won this battle!


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Battle on July 21 2021 and Battle on July 26 2021


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  • I’m on the beat like it’s cardiac, but I can’t give it a rest,
  • I dare a critic to press me, I got a whole lot to get off my chest,
  • Like tell me how can I ball if I’m feeling distressed,
  • How can’t you see I’m a KING at my best,
  • If you step up to me that’s a GRIZZLY end,
  • Cuz I’m bringing that MAGIC like WIZADry tests,
  • And I’m winning the chip, if you like it or not,
  • I’ll be taking the out CLIPPERS, and trimming the NETS,
  • If you finding me now, and not doing it with me then,
  • You’ll be the one that I did it against.
  • Okay, fuck it,
  • I’m feeling like Giannis with all of these reasons to block you,
  • I’m on the shit that Lebron do,
  • Bitch imma ball if I want to.


  • You got scripts? Well I got the antidote
  • See this five five six made yo tigga float
  • I be here out doin' crime in my Gucci coat
  • See a big titty goth bitch motorboat
  • All these bitches talkin crazy like they all had a stroke
  • If that fuckah wanna live then he best not provoke
  • See these rappers ping pong on the Insta back and forth
  • Play wit they bitch hair while I eat me a main course
  • Dat boy don't got brains but he look just like he Kraang
  • He mess round wih me like a towel he goan hang
  • Shoot him like I'm Spielberg with my trusty modded wang
  • Ain't no comin' back know that boy don't boomerang
  • Boy look like a skinhead but he blow air like he Aang
  • Meet up witch ya sistah then we choo choo run a train
  • Kilt that bitch's brother know her heart it felt a pang
  • Put her out her misery just like Chief Keef " Bang Bang! "

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