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Battle on July 21 2021 and Battle on July 30 2021


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  • Living my life in the limits was boring,
  • That didn’t give me endorphins,
  • Tryna go pro, had to get to recording,
  • Give me the torch, all my syllables scorching,
  • Fourth and inches, imma get ‘em to forfeit,
  • I’m ‘bout my business, feeling so corporate,
  • I know they wanna defeat us,
  • I took ‘em out early like giving abortions,
  • And my lil baby so thick, but I grip on her waist and I swear she could fit in a corset,
  • Whole bunch of critics, be listing opinions, as if that shit was important,
  • Don’t give a fuck like a Christian or Mormon,
  • I’m at this shit ‘til like six in the morning,
  • So don’t approach me if you not the homie,
  • Can’t deal with you unless it is an endorsement.


  • //JugheadOnTheBeat//
  • I get high on drugs,I fight
  • Black and blue are my bruises
  • If you seem em it's a fright
  • Bitch at night I don't sleep tight
  • Got my MAG cause I pac light
  • No high noon only midnight
  • Catch a body in moonlight
  • Bloody puddles in streetlights
  • Makin' sure these snakes don't bite
  • When they see me fight or flight
  • Shoot yo house up outta spite
  • Shit acidic like some Sprite
  • Call us pussies cause we tight
  • Bitch don't act like you a knight
  • Tell yo bitch ass nighty night
  • Treat these tiggas like they blight
  • Cookin' up like Walter White
  • Albuquerque bitch on sight
  • Saw yo boo on some porn site
  • Fuckin' round like Aphrodite
  • He got yo girl in his sight
  • Might fuck round put her on site
  • Hit it with all of Thor's might
  • Whole lotta bark got no bite
  • I git fly just like a kite
  • No box braids because I'm white
  • Bhabie drama I don't like
  • I look sexy in black tights
  • We ride dick just like a bike
  • How duh fuck that boy yo type
  • Redbones wit me on a flight
  • Just might stay up all damm night
  • Trust my boy he true n trite
  • Might take drugs again tonight
  • I got high on drugs tonight
  • Now they me cause my mother's white
  • And my father died that I ought to cry
  • I can't rap and shouldn't write another line
  • I got high on drugs tonight
  • But I'll beat you motherfuckers twice
  • These bloody lines can punish like
  • Guns and I'm as aimed at your fucking eyes
  • I got high on drugs tonight
  • So fucking what I am buzzed and high
  • Imma funny guy, just a bit much to shy
  • Till I spit it as smooth as a butter knife
  • I got high on drugs tonight
  • Probably makes parents shudder right?
  • Crying puddles "why? The fuck does this guy
  • When people watch him like my son who's nine"
  • I go high on drugs tonight
  • But still never messing it up, I'm tight
  • Gonna beat this game like its my slutty wife
  • When I beat her to within inches of her life
  • I got on drugs tonight
  • It's a struggle, i can't even fucking write
  • Cause this crutch of mine has fucked up my life
  • So fuck it I'm calling it quits, I'm done tonight

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