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Whatever man 200 wins and im out Fuck all Yall

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Battle on September 19 2020


  • First off, Slap yourself for accepting this challenge
  • With that soft ass shit, nigga fuck your talents
  • Ill take you to the top, with your top, hooked to my Talons
  • Your blood has enough sugar to make Kool-Aid by the gallons
  • I can stay as Bruce Banner and it still wouldn't matter
  • Ill put the gat to your bladder since your thirsty for attention
  • Fill with lead like a pencil, then shrink your head the size of a thimble
  • Its was easy to fold your legs up, you know lil hoes be real nimble
  • My mental will crush your temple in, you village simpleton
  • I rip shit like Minny on a shot of Gin, i swear right now i got 11,000
  • Stashed in a old box of timbs/ right next to skeletons and fresh arms and limbs
  • Your not worthy of being a victim/ i won't even take any remnants
  • My penmanship can write your descendants, right outta existence
  • Your bars like playing a game of fact or faction
  • And just like geraldo you'll find your facts was missing, the package had nothing in it
  • Yall will never get it


  • killing the flow with a chilling glow,
  • a thrilling row a grinning pro,
  • killed the man sliced the guts
  • spilled the beans opened the cups
  • violently I attack the man
  • silently he cries the thought
  • he didn't know he was going to lose
  • and he was flowing from booze
  • his flow sucks rap chucks neck loose
  • you rap like a goose trap a noose
  • tie your shoes trip the duece
  • I'm flowing like a monster,
  • your fighting a rockstar
  • shooting a rocketlauncher
  • aiming a warfare
  • killing the flow with a chilling glow

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