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Battle on May 6 2021


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  • Listen you creep, your shitty raps ain't deep
  • Your just in a deep sleep, like Sheep counting sheep
  • Plus that shit aint street, so it's sweet to me
  • I fuck don't fuck with poetry
  • Trying to survive poverty, and hold my niggas to loyalty
  • You can't tell my daughter, that she's not apart of royalty
  • They say, theres no hope for me
  • Hopefully, i prove em wrong.
  • Weapons draw, if anybody threatening the don
  • I'll go to jail for my art form
  • My Shots hitting, like the pens tipped with chloroform
  • Its the flu season
  • I'm so sick, I'm the reason, you struggle breathing
  • You struggle to keep up, from years of inbreeding
  • Social distance, gonna take a global commitment
  • You rap, then get hot by yourself like solar equipment
  • The shit you wrote wasn't so terrific
  • I see you recorded a song, i didn't give a listen
  • I'm too broke to pay attention
  • The Devil in me, tells me i gotta slay a Christian
  • I seen the officer, preying over our jurisdiction
  • I want that pig dead, and the whole jury missing
  • I'm in the game, and your killing is just a side mission
  • Food distribution, bringing food back to the village
  • Everything was raped and pillage
  • Blood leaking everywhere like an oil spillage
  • Toiling in the soil, how my niggas was living
  • Y'all aint saying shit, like the clean version
  • My homies say, why you such a mean person?
  • Because my citys washed, without detergent
  • When i approach a bitch, im never nervous
  • Ready to blow up, like I'm wearing a Turbin
  • Bout Go to heaven, and get care from 13 virgins
  • Feel asleep at the wheel, now im swerving
  • Serving like a tennis player
  • I fronted out a ball
  • Now you owe me a return favor
  • Trill Major like T.I's son
  • I pulled off a caper
  • Strapped, like i own T.I's guns
  • I wish i could have stop the bullets, that hit B.I"s lungs
  • And blew up the Cadillac, before they killed Afeni's son.
  • Then smoke a blunt and chill with bitches
  • That's wearing bikinis in the sun.
  • All evil im the sum.


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  • I like music so I play the guitar. I dream of being a rockstar.
  • I drink a Rockstar and now I am feeling energy.
  • I feel like the better me, remembering every memory
  • like when the days of my prime, I remember my pride so
  • I walked and didn't have a ride but I walked with style.
  • This was a time. Now that was just my memory.
  • Look at my rhyme. It's always on time. It's straight like a line.
  • i'm feeling just fine like a knife. I'm sharp at the point
  • just like my rhymes when they hit your cortex as a vortex.
  • Just jam to the beat and bob your head, take a seat because this is sweet.
  • I'm walking these verbs like they have feet, walking like the elite
  • I'm at the top of my game. I'm like number one at the top of the pyramid.
  • I stay in my lane with goals in my brain and I am not playing no ones the same
  • I rap like a rockstar spitting this word as hard as a rock as hot as a star
  • I rap and fireworks explode as I stay on my road I don't swerve
  • I never hit the curb with every verb I'm always on point and I never dissapoint

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