Battles  Maverick vs LACINYC


best 2 outta 3 written if we have a 3rd let's do it acapella?? no rush have fun good luck suck penis 31 lines limit

Max of 31 lines


Maverick won this battle!


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Battle on April 2 2020


  • He can do "Live battles" but can he battle depression to stay alive? //
  • He even wrote a diss on it and man I think you got stage fright //
  • When self-doubt played a part, weak bars, not the card to playwright //
  • You scribbled it like ya therapist terrorized, like you were held hostage,
  • Cuz you couldn't hold your own breath with such brain farts //
  • But I think you fakin' the funk, if this was a pissing contest you'd pretend to be a bladder cancer survivor //
  • Think you need to slow your roll when ya act bad, memorize the backhand I write on, give you a pat on the back for tryin',
  • Clapback? Audience laugh track, hire a rap-pad reviser //
  • Now, this sad man tryna- say I lack impact, called me a half-assed rhymer //
  • I could say the same when it comes to a single buttcheek of skill to implement!! You only give a pinch of it //
  • You be on that silly prowess, fuck that I'm throwin bullets by Ruger //
  • You wanna gimme flowers? I'mma really have ya pushing petunias,
  • Fertilizing 6 feet downward, I'm praying for a good "downfall" so you can grow a bush I can poop in //
  • Last Halloween found you dressed as Chowder, caught slippin in a Weenie Hut Jr's //
  • Givin the Glizzy-Gobbler-Gawk-Gawk-5-Thousand, to some white suburban area school shooter //
  • But ya wordplay is off the chain, it's obvious,
  • That's why you deepthroat bratwursts straight off the sausage link //
  • And I'm the lacerator for LACINYC,
  • What's that backwards, he's paranoid in this battle shit what dirt I'mma find //
  • I've infiltrated his mind, let's see what info he's traded of mine //
  • For example our first battle I think he quite literally wrote his shit with his eyes closed //
  • Cuz he hit me back on my wall after a little while
  • He was like "We almost done with the diss" ...Like yo,
  • I'd give you the benefit of the doubt but how in the hell was that a typo? //
  • Oh, wait, I thought kids that slept with nightlights couldn't find ghosts //
  • Or maybe he's around too many white folk,
  • Cuz I see his true colors with a bar he could've whited out.......might as well have said the N-word by Klansman suit //
  • What he said wasn't even out of context just humorist values:
  • On "you getting whipped in this battle like a misbehaved slave" Damn,
  • Got ya Gramps as defender on bat for you, like "What wrong did this young whippersnapper do!?" //
  • Don't be so twitterpated, go check Twitter, they canceled you //


  • i said yoo they pitted me against rappads finest half assed rhymer
  • do a number on these squares, i X 'ponents, no math class final
  • everything i speak fresh, got that listerine breath
  • every bar is heavy, got him booking like he worried bout the history test
  • got mav clicking refresh, worried that he'll lose against laci
  • this an ass whooping you won't forget, mentally bruised from the spanking
  • mavvy been cocky, thinking "he prolly wont top me"
  • bitch i put a hole through your wall, that looks alot like your body
  • mr miyagi, these fly dudes get chopped when im grabbing the stick
  • and then you'll be sonned, you punching but you lacking the kick
  • get the heat pressed to your lips like a passionate kiss
  • and get your head blown like your girl sucking lacinycs dick
  • fuck east coast west coast, we all know alabama is where this bitch is really raised
  • im like a cousin, im something they all told you not to fuck with, but u did it anyways
  • extra chromosome having, motorhome rapping, cross breed with his dog's seed
  • the arms reach, and mav scramble to fuck anything with a hole in arms reach
  • this perverted hick, getting caught glancing at his cousin wrong
  • thinking things are getting hot, till he gets burned, like he left the fucking oven on
  • why does mav sound like eminem, in like the worst possible way
  • with the cornies schemes and flow that make doom toss in his grave
  • like i brought some flowers to your coffin, just to help your mom grieve
  • but there was noone at your funeral besides the one who put you to sleep

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