Battles  LACINYC vs Maverick


24 lines, give it your all,

Max of 24 lines


Maverick won this battle!


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Battle on May 4 2021


  • Maverick v Lacinyc, always knew this day would come
  • battling bastards, ill beef with your whole circle, filet mignon
  • thinking your digging my grave, come at me pipsqueak
  • you straight as a sine wave, ill add you to my win streak
  • you miles head of the competition, but i got a nac for this
  • cause Maverick, my words got power, like civil rights activists
  • you can b an xile, Im out of this world, break u down
  • pound for pound, "fuck me in the ass?", you a gay dude now?
  • i already gotta deal with croc hopping onto my cock
  • cant have another hob goblin slobbering onto my knob
  • my Toosense your a nuisance, make u freeze u try computing
  • wise minds combined with my lines will make u fucking blue screen
  • after this battle, my k/d 1 to 0, this bitch fighting a (venom)-ous python
  • ill give you a new look,its getting ugly like the microsoft edge icon
  • getting fucked more is making his cunt sore, what a fucking retard
  • my dick up his throat is making this slut hoarse, gonna come with these bars
  • lay down the mat, and open up the front door, this gon make em call me hard
  • look at my songs, and every single fucking verse, everything i see sharp
  • like the saints Hank-erchief, this darker the hole he wipes
  • cause your fucking flow is dryer than a goddamn phone in a bowl of rice
  • to some your a challenge, to me, a pathetic obstruction
  • had to have Bell help in your own poetic production
  • despite all your efforts, Mav, your another doc in my ledger
  • 24 lines got you seeing stars , fuck u could call me omega


  • Your name is CYNICAL... To be cynical is to feel like every person is just malicious,
  • Out to hurt you with selfishness, shit... Now that I realize it, I'm really confirming by definition.
  • So with all due respect you're fucking trash and nobody likes you, I don't say that lightly
  • To spite you, hope you take it heavy, percentage-wise these rhymes already hold more weight by ninety
  • Bitch you writing like you lost it...think DJ Khalid in a pool, cuz you're off your noodle and highkey you flopped this
  • And it's time you try not to hide in the closet,
  • Cuz I may choke you up with directions my poems are going, I may choke you up out of fear before destroying,
  • I may choke you up by throttling that motor mouth but you? As far as sexual orientation you're out here throating boys
  • Rapping on the mic forcing this corny shit in ya recordings sound like RDA suppressing that gay tone of voice.
  • Time to open up and accept it kid, we won't make fun of you except we will
  • Say something with too much enthusiasm I might spasm to clutch my chest and flinch,
  • It's not that you bring intimidation, I'm doing that out of agitation to protect my dick.
  • Retard went from licking windows to swapping saliva with mirrors
  • Lonely bastard wipe those tears this instant before I slap them off your childish ass face with a box of cereal
  • Fuck what you say, you've gotta be joking it's not that serious, cuz you said it yourself... I'm a top tier lyricist
  • At the top of your 10 Best List, and you told me to go all in...Excuse me if I don't meet expectations, I still bet I win
  • In celebrations I sell abrasions, but I might not be able to cut as deep as you do when you slit ya wrists..
  • You may be a stupid guy, but... Nah, I can't think of a compliment to say to you besides, this rape is something I knew you'd like
  • I'm Ted Bundy with it! Face fucking your brain then you're due to die
  • This must be a deathwish..You even went at Omega after a deep depression, if he didn't get the job done I'll be your motivation for suicide.

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