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Battle on April 8 2021


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  • I feel like Batman looking down on Gotham
  • Except i don't give a fuck about world's problems
  • And these critics, dicks who never put on Condoms
  • Im stomping, like im coming straight up outta Wakanda
  • With a chopper, driving a stolen Honda
  • No Creepypasta, bitch im a real Monster
  • Its gonna take atleast four people to Conquer
  • Im hot, your moniter needs a thermometer
  • From the bottom like a mirror up your moms skirt
  • These them type of lyrics, that can make your mom squirt
  • You meant to be wiped on a shirt
  • Now im gonna wipe this little jerk off the Earth
  • Every verse i ever read by this dude was the worst
  • You belong in the front of the church
  • As i hit the blunt in the front of the hearse
  • Bitch Bow down when your in front of the cursed
  • My Bullets dispersed in burst
  • Now we wait, to see which body part falls off first
  • Get hauled off like Dirt
  • Sawed off in my hands, rappers bout to get murked
  • I'll stop your flow like the EverGiven
  • Then watch the mission moving like im a fucking Egyptian
  • Subliminals, but i know your real intentions
  • My brain power unlocks any encryptions
  • This is like Elite versus the standard edition
  • Your shooting, but the extra ammo is missing
  • In camo ill kill a witness
  • No starter packs no gimmicks
  • Authentic, tested by a chemist
  • Never go against rap tradition, now a random rapper is missing


  • I'm hitting trill with the triple kill
  • Make your death come in threes
  • I'll make you regret ever stepping up on the beat
  • So in know I'm just guessing
  • that he thinks hes impressing
  • but its got me stressing
  • on weather I'm besting
  • this fuck face
  • because we are all stuck in a rough place
  • He said fuck Tupac man who the fuck are you
  • But now your stuck in a corner and don't know what the fuck to do
  • But now it's time for me to put you in your place
  • I mean I don't blame your mother for your birth, because we all make mistakes

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