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Battle on April 9 2021


  • Just thinking up the rhymes
  • trying to get with the times
  • but I've always been an more of an Introvert
  • dont perform becuase when i rap I forget the words
  • It feels wrong when the healing hurts
  • But when im raising it up thats what the ceilings for
  • Now im popping off and i'll give you your respect
  • Now you think this blades for show until I put it on your neck
  • Yeah I just took a loss in my last battle
  • but I'm here for a come back
  • when i'm hanging on a cliff and I grab gravel
  • You still don't want to run that
  • Yeah taking a loss thats a lesson learned
  • You play with me while I'm spitting fire then your gonna get burned


  • You are not needed at all, your like Rory and Mal
  • I make shit get Gory like a tipped over stall
  • I can make your death look like a slip and fall
  • This is like Craig Mack versus Biggie Smalls
  • The incel killer, i will get rid of you all
  • My lyrics outta this world like they were brought by Paul

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