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Battle on February 23 2021


  • Ripping your teeth with pliers, wrapping your neck with barbwire, Set you on fire,
  • Lirical blasphemy, axes swing rapidly, eating organs inside ya rib savagely,
  • Faggot punk your rhymes are massive Flaccid,
  • Chop your tongue then drown your throat with Battery Acidl
  • You on the ground dying rapid choking and gasping,
  • Days after police find your Carcass Ruptured in thrashbins...K.O.
  • Stupid knott/Nut/not but/butt/Bot/ really, : ) maybe simply break your neck stompin with a tire doing a Wheelie
  • Feeling tipsy dizzy and Pissy, It won't be Risky when I bust your skull open with a bottle of Whisky,
  • Mangling you to bits Quickly, Hit the throttle after visually Tossing your head on a pit like a Frisbee,
  • Murder Swiftly. With your physics burning to coal Disturbing a soul Hosting Ripley, more smoke than 6 Chimneys
  • Force you to swim with broken hands and Ripped Knees, they find victims with torn limbs and Split Kidneys
  • I'm the eye of death leave you shy of a breath when I bend you in ways to damage your health
  • A Savage with stealth Call me intense when I rip apart your chest while you die in the set
  • From a dagger in your neck, leave you shattered and wrecked like a Massacred pet in ya father's corvette
  • I'm baal to writers God of Biters, Hate Owner with a flame thrower torching All your Fibers.
  • Stabbing till you stop moving like Michael Myers
  • Take pictures for amusement or Vital Desires
  • Drop bomb HORROR without recitals like Raids in Iraq, You're facing a Jack
  • Leave you Raped in a Rack with a Blade in your Back,
  • I View the Brain as a Snack you can say Derange is my Part,
  • I clog your Veins with a Dart then put a bullet Straight in your Heart
  • Gay and Whack daring to shock have you Laid in a Sack,
  • awaken to the pain of a Spade Tearing your Clock, I burry your frame in a Shack,
  • Crime So hazy and black You'll think it's a Hades Attack,
  • The half Gorgon half beast came to feast on the weak, Shake hell gates like a Demon they Leak
  • Dipshit You're far from a pack Slaying in the Dark. Ay Kill your fat ass hold your spilling intestines trying to escape through the children Play in a Park
  • Tell the people Leave you strangled Infront of your own door Chained to a Mark,
  • I'm a monster in fact scare you silly and cause your soul to Depart
  • I'm evil wanting to Sink every pair in the Ark, I make your blood drain from ounces to quarts, slave you're a Fart,
  • the only way I'd Make you Appear in a Chart is if a grenade exploded your base and left your frame torn Apart


  • I'm bout to enter a new psalm into theNecronomicon
  • This episode won't be able to premiere at Comic Con
  • I love to boil heads and snatch mandibles off like cannibal holocaust
  • It won't be no found footage, just your body found bound and full of bullets
  • Actually after this tragedy, any movement from you will be Paranormal Activity
  • I might let you live your life in captivity, my bitch is like Elizabeth B├íthory
  • I'll make you take a bath then throw in live wires connected to a battery
  • I'm like the Joker i remember when they would laugh at me
  • Had on the bible i should be the new American Psycho
  • Hair pin trigger on the rifle, i want the school kill streak title
  • Mask on like Michael, pen in my hands deadly like Freddy if you sleep on me
  • The boogeyman flees from me in my hoody fam
  • You niggas telling Tales from the crypt, i can tell a spell quick but never a lie
  • I wanna make you tough, i need an enemy, might as well do him like Tusk
  • Gk Trill aka H.P Lovecraft, im great at writing a bloodbath
  • My pen is Nurse Ratchets syringe, i keep a kill kit
  • Duck tape and rope leave you with no hope
  • Now i have to buy some bleach and garbage bags
  • I read your garbage and laughed, you ain't an original killer just a copy cat
  • I can be insidious behind the drapes, all you'll see is a red face
  • I'm deadly, sorry its Hereditary, the hills have eyes, my family is legendary
  • We can start the new serbian film when your ready
  • I'll traffic you to a Hostel and make you live life working in a Brothel
  • My bars make hoes run up the walls like the Exorcist
  • Now picture my tentacles coming through the mist right into the heart of Jesodist
  • Walk down on him like Jason take your head off effortless

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