Battles  JESODIST vs GK-Trill


Hey GTrill. Here is the awaited verse. No cursing, just 44clean bars.

Max of 45 lines


GK-Trill won this battle!


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Battle on February 28 2021


  • Gk Trill is a generic name for an emcee but I'm gonna Say it Still
  • This is like death and it's time to pay the Bill
  • A Casket is the only place you may Refill, no meek mill.
  • G means a grand so We can say this G is just a K Thrill
  • A couple thousands and you're gone like a Gay Pill
  • I got you and my dog doing the same Drill, can't duplicate I got a Game Skill
  • Way I'll. This Trout passing is meal for the real Bear Grill
  • He got no swords no reel, no steal, no force to reveal ya feel?
  • How can he possibility win when I was the one that Trained Bill
  • My verse is an invincible shredder built with extra steel and rugged quills
  • to peel the skin of this emcee in the field shielding with Paper Frill
  • Im as big as a whale compared to this Baby Krill, prepare appeals, my tail slash Make the blood of the Hater Spill,
  • My flows are pure watch a heart pump and Veins Distill, With psionic waves Covering anything you may Instill,
  • I'm revered like ancient Ming, He sounds like someone who will betray the King,
  • I Stop his file today in the Ring, and throw away the Bling,
  • Punches vary but he's not here to Fling, All he does is act gay and Cling
  • He might win something in the daily gig if he don't say a Thing !!!l
  • I maintain balance in this like A sacred Djjin that Play and Sing with a frame and Wing
  • like an 'Angel' so you can't Impale or puppeteer away With a Shady String!!
  • Break your bones with a sledge Hammer
  • While you take rides in ya red hammock for using Red Grammar,
  • My punches dredge further leaving everything under your neck fractured,
  • Slaughtered with exquisite text manufactured,
  • End up in the set battered, Wrecked, Splattered
  • Like you Evidently mattered prepare to be imminently Fathered,
  • I kill where the deadliest gather, cooking beef like the steadiest Mother,
  • The shell Sparker got more lines tangling the web than the Said Parker,
  • A head marker So black I leave hell Darker,
  • Shooting straight like a death Carver,
  • Leave you lost in space with no Tracker,
  • You're a flow talker like 'Eli I'm an earth Walker
  • Old but bold marauder and golden Crafter releasing you from a full Court slaughter like Young Charger
  • What you thinking? Drunken Barter You're like a sunken Rafter unable to move like engine with no Starter
  • I bomb harder, make you harden like magma in contact with Some Water
  • Don't bother brother You don't flatter, kid Your quality sucks plus Your verses are just Fatter,
  • Display you like show Platter, a battle against me will just leave your soul Sadder, like a gnome you come Shorter,
  • You'd pay anyone in line like a dumb banker, You pull it more than a Crowned Wanker, you couldn't scope Swagger,
  • Found under a crush tanker, So Yonder You don't make the crowd wonder
  • You against me is like a torn goat versing a 1000lb Panter
  • I'm stronger toss this soldier with no honor over like a boat anchor, my words hamper,
  • When it comes to his raps? I've seen better shit drop from a burn T pamper!!!
  • Leave em stranded in an angle unknown to a protractorpp
  • Roll over the Corpse of this lone actor that is not a factor with a Tractor


  • These lines that i be pennin', be having em' following me like a religion
  • Now this fan is trying to take me out, but I'm no John Lennon
  • Mark David Chapman trying to play Catcher in the Rye, but he's just pretending
  • Those are some simple schemes, you can get JCole and kendrick, I'll still beat the triple team
  • I'm on the Mezzanine shooting down at you with the red beam
  • The guillotine will leave your neck clean, i bet you haven't even had a wet dream
  • Uru Metal my pen, the back end is retrofitted with a shovel
  • Gravedigger stomping on your pedestal, jesus crossed shaped reticle
  • Before you faced the boss, should of had called on medical
  • I can fit you into my schedule or a duffel bag, i only need one shot when busting back
  • Your wack keep trying to flip Trill and can't even lyrically cartwheel
  • I got a heart of steel and a car bill with major bars that kill
  • To be real, your not worth a Doxing, i only do casket unboxings
  • All the guns your still in the process of unlocking, so i got you going kamikaze
  • I'm doing all this without paparazzi, we won't get 10 votes because no one is watching
  • But i will still diss and tell jesodist he should of been more of a pessimist
  • Your best shots just missed, i flipped the kill switch, now the pigs are checking for my prints
  • I'm the big fish, Madden hit stick, pop your helmet in the air
  • I wrote this sitting in the devil's chair with a devilish stare
  • I can see the glare, i bet his trying to flee, i can see his flare
  • No white flags on my mast, just white sheets covering geeks and toe tags
  • My flame will make it to where you can only take sponge baths
  • Skin falling off, it won't even make scabs, I'll make you a neighbor to crabs
  • My staff won't even take you to the lab, it'll be a wasted petri dish
  • Sleep with fish, little tadpole with a week dish, i bet your deodorant is secret
  • Talking bout Meek Mill, when your all hot air, call him WindMill
  • My bars only serve distilled, its the purge and your running a fire drill
  • God Kings shouldn't associate with frauds with clogged dreams
  • Who just rhyme words that don't mean nothing, i bet you wrote them lyrics while mean mugging
  • And chocolate milk chugging you fat Trill Dick loving busta, think you can win if you can get me to stop cussing.
  • I'm already cursed, my chaff makes missiles disperse, put your ass in glass in the front of the church
  • I'm driving off with you in the back, as i fire up a blunt in the hearse
  • You need to hide that bump in the front of your skirt, where have you been?
  • Who knows, but i know your going in the dirt, you sent the battle first i seen all your words
  • It's just that a rebuttal has no worth when the subject matter is the worse
  • I guess you thought i would be a good test, its not just Maverick who's a threat
  • I stay in the mud my boots wet, you can chose the easy way out,
  • Because chasing this clout, doesn't pay out, plus your bars don't weigh out
  • I should of made this a Ted Talk titled A dead man walking, i wrote your obituary
  • While taking a shit and drinking coffee, i do this so often
  • Just brand coffins and your gonna be down every time you log in
  • Shots eco like a Dolphin, i got the location going to Air it out like a B and B
  • This was a lite version, imagine if you really beefed with me?
  • GK Trill on top of you fool, I'm where the griefers be
  • Look how i just smoked and tossed him out like a reefer seed, Jeepers Creepers on sleepers be my creed

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