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Battle on February 8 2020


  • Ruthy flexing he got views and famous, thinking you got money made off your rap
  • I'm gonna crack your skull open call that an anal prolapse
  • "Yeah haha guys i get a few views on soundcloud, you can say that I'm ruthless in that!"
  • Your lyrics are so garbo you call them poems, and you say you contributed to rap
  • You can't rap without saying 'Nigga' everytime because your african ancestry is the one excelling you
  • "haha guys im so good i just got a hundred views!!11 that's one off my bucket list, the only one left is being good which i failed to do!11"
  • this is what you call rap:
  • I’m forging and burning like its mathematical learning it’s too complex
  • This is what you put in your "Rhythmatic" rap allong with Nas's hardest beat
  • I'd be ashamed aswell if this guy is repping harlem streets
  • "I speak hard shit only" That clueless line is a prediction to this non-deadly crip
  • This line already predicted that your raps are, indeed, heavy shit
  • Now before he takes a shit on me and literally have to explain why he's better than me or make other shit
  • Just remember if you anger him guys he "has niggas that will say your government"!11!!
  • "Guys I can't believe I lose every battle!!1 my idol is 2pac that means that i should be the best at rap!"
  • Well if you wanna win you could go to roblox rap, then you could truly "excell with 'pac"
  • You keep wastin time talking shit to others then complain you get no votes and nothing left
  • (i can't write anymore sorry ruthy, baebee doll told me to get on the velvet silky bunker bed)
  • subscribe to trickster here
  • i wrote your part aswell ruthy, just incase you cant think of any:
  • ===================================================================
  • emceewuthless's introduction

  • yo yo yo yo yo yo yo nccas its me wuthless im gon slap you
  • hard ncca!!!!! trickster yo mom down bad, you down bad, yo mom down bad
  • youre trash mystomach drops i throw many rocks your mom is a big fat sock omg go suck my cock cock cock your mom is down bad and gay your mom has cancer i fucked your girlfriend at night gang gang gang cuh skrrt skrrt gang gang gang cuh cuh yo y o yo homie ncca wam bam slam dam cham fam


  • I call him DJ Khaled
  • back son with a wack one
  • funny he said i'm shit
  • when you crap son
  • guess I'm Derek Charles
  • Tricksters is obesssed bitch
  • let's address this
  • name you got the meaning of tricksters
  • i'm tricksters too i'm magical and expressive
  • your dishonest and a he fraud i'm catalina since I don't need Claude
  • talk shit sorry your this modest
  • your definitely a trickster a staged act a raged crack user
  • who's a joke stick to comedian if you think your bars do magic I question your illusion
  • i'm a better trickster i'm a victimizer and minimizer that's why
  • trickersters takes off like flash my teddy bears go boom don't fuck with Jesse James
  • you not a fan but after hearing Rhythmatic you agreed I have bomb raps
  • and your ticking off exploding because those rhymes left your brain heated
  • Tricksters upset I stole his career should've known i'm troublesome search my history on google i'm known to steal shit a true tricksters
  • I maybe a joker but a tricksters laughs at his fear i'm a joker on the table but hold em them skills
  • I left him in my barn dead a chainsaw massacre I see milton sent you to me
  • since I was milking your organs for some juice
  • Let's do history of your clown ass
  • Tricksters thinks he's famous even if you was a actor you still wouldn't be almost famous with seven followers and three hundred raps unreleased his only known track is rap pad police since he screams for help he went on a date with me and asked for a number out came 911-411 minus those digits with his three hundred hits you get nine thirty
  • fill him with 30 then dump tricksters by 9 am broad daylight he'll be flashed quicker than a slideshow
  • you a pussy so you wouldn't slide bro back to our history lesson
  • Im tricksters the god named Dolos a master of craft he's a bastard of trash a trickster god called Loki claims he gets girls yeah I understand since you can change yourself into one with that ability is that why you stay checking the mail/ checking the male
  • What else can I say you tried to win but got played you still on my App store uninstalled your career been erased since I completed that card game
  • you copy and pasted from forums just to further prove your a fanboy of me with shitty concepts of war you'll bring 300 hundred spartains and i'll still wipe you out with the objects of war giving spears easily bitch Goldberg streak is alive you claim to be a coding person we'll I break codes like Y2J I break your walls down and give you a codebreaker I'm the best in the world at what I do WCW know I'm the king of the world simply put you not on my level you kept failing each stage and the game is over

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