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Battle on February 23 2021


  • // Verse
  • I have enough bars to fuck ya up, so I can make you lose virginity without some condom crap
  • But like all of your 'friends and mates' I will always give ya a follow back
  • And there goes you startin ventin, wanna try to end someone's friendship?
  • Man he's better than everyone else here, I think he won without even battling Trick
  • I know the term unyielding but why call yourself s lyrical spitter by losing to 5 rappers, ya bitch
  • You claimed you never lost to Catylix, well hate to break ya the scary news
  • You lost 0-9, from a stan to even streetking, I'm sorry to embarrass you,
  • Claiming you the heavy thug in the streets, but when you got hit up you run 2pac up to prevent fucking with me
  • I know ya love to flex you weakling, so for this you get nothing back
  • I can't really tell the difference of an antivaxxer and a man that shows his fucking RAP
  • Enough critiquing 'cause y'know if I really end ya you can't even earn a buck
  • Y'know I have respect to people that have balls to say their lives are like turtle doves
  • I know Catylix is a battlest but we all know even they ended you
  • C'mon follow Dreamz back and do your disses on us and repeat the process like you're meant to do
  • Well it isn't by your opinion 'cause you're in solitude
  • Ruthless I know you're unique, heck you copy those lyrics from Big and Pac
  • Irony as it is, I start to think you gotta cut your thinkings slack
  • And when you're old and ya grandchildren gather round tell them this
  • "Oh yeah? I tried to make someone fight against her friend but I always fail at doing that,
  • I dissed a man called Trickster with the raps, and at the same time I found out my music's trash
  • Now after awhile I, an intellectual found out the raps I write's corny
  • And then I retired and wasted money on flexing shit, that's my life story.."
  • // Outro
  • :)
  • Also ruthless please kill yourself faggot


  • "here lies tricksters may he rest in peace, thanks cops for the yellow
  • tape, the streets won't forget me being apart of your deceased, shit got a piece of his teeth on my knuckles"
  • (yawns) Wow let's give a round of applause wait there's no crowd
  • you was loud, the atmosphere is down, who allowed this clown
  • to get on stage, opened up a page on this dude, he screwed up rap
  • i made him snap into a girly attitude, he got a mood of a nigga
  • who grab a strap but get stabbed, gets tough with a chick but get slapped
  • throw a punch but inmates clapped his cheeks, stepped in streets
  • but ended up deceased, released music but received the least plays,
  • nowadays niggas like Tricksters are in a phase which always
  • gets em' blazed, and remain caged in the game, u came with the same
  • lame shit you wrote on my wall, your a flaw accept it, here's a death note
  • and rope the only hope of getting noticed is dying, rhyming and fighting
  • a king, is only bringing ya nothing, your jumping on the internet
  • im busting down your door and blew up your cardboard box with c4,
  • what you bumping to now, somehow, Tricksters is searching for my shadow
  • to follow, in love with my dough and flow, why else we he go out his way
  • to write a hallow slow verse, I seen him the other day rocking a purse,
  • your true colors in the rainbow, u not noticed on this universe,
  • your only gonna get worse as years go by, say goodbye to rap
  • i knocked u off the high horse, the industry filed divorce papers
  • were sick of your lies, not a wise guy u died in my other songs,
  • your thoughts belong to the grave I come with no remorse
  • let me supply you a source of wires, set your self on fires
  • and ill drive in a hearse, u spent hours of contemplating of the life I live
  • and not understanding how one man got gold ice, can't even do math
  • the price i bought u cannot afford, im bored now i ignored your comments
  • your a keyboard artist, pretending to be the hardest, but we'll murder u
  • in the darkest corner, shh don't tell the cops 911 calls heard shots from my
  • guns, bullet between his eyeballs, maggots craws and eats him up
  • tricksters deceased in the streets, now rest in peace,
  • so please writing like your an mcee when ur not, i already took your cheese
  • and got your mom's panties in my pocket, you was a target once u mentioned
  • ruthless street cred, now your dead and nobody shed no tears
  • for an internet weak minded nigga who we creeped on and laid to sleep
  • on the concrete u was in too deep, now they selling your human
  • flesh meat at the market,
  • excuse me i got a piece of bone from your body under my carpet
  • almost started to vomit, i whipped ur ass for the final time with
  • my rifle, and left you death suicidal cycle feelings,
  • hoped your ass enjoyed this experience get smoked, shouldn't had provoked me

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