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Battle on October 15 2020 and Battle on October 18 2020


  • You should shut the fuck up lich, you're fake, a snitch
  • I'll chop you up into pieces, put you in a pit
  • Torch you like a witch, burning fire on the stick
  • Someone's dying in public, got his head burning like Kendrick
  • Sending electric to his brain, making him dance real quick
  • But he can't do that when he's all bone, no flesh,
  • Feel real sad for you, you don't even have a dick
  • So shut the fuck up prick, you'll crumble to dust like sans with one hit
  • You're a loser bitch, the only thing you're right about
  • Is you being autistic, even then, you aren't anything, not even autistic
  • You're just a soul with the body of a bone, a classic
  • Got no brain, but your mental state's a road with too much traffic
  • Depressed bitch, like a plastic, go play a game, go do magic
  • See the website to express your fake feelings
  • Yea sure, "it's super fantastic"
  • Nobody can relate to what you say, after all, your bones all chronic
  • "This is life" shut the fuck up, you got none
  • Your flesh is gone, your bones will finally be broken
  • Death is what you've chosen, time can't rewind, it isn't frozen
  • This'll end quickly with an explosion
  • Shoot you with a gun with a RPG attached
  • Your life and soul I quickly snatched and make your bones go with an impact
  • Eyes go blink blank, blacked out, wonder how your creater will react
  • When their useless doll torn up into pieces get return and is wrapped
  • Now, let me try to relate with gamers like you
  • You get buffed up, drinking potions, and priests are healing you
  • And have a lich class, and even then, I'm stronger than you
  • Buff ups, lots of people are helping you, but I'm a natural, a genius unlike you
  • Killing weak players like you, PK is ready to continue
  • And please stop complaining about me, stop reporting an issue
  • I'm not hacking nor glitching, I was just like you, confused and new
  • But even then I'm not you, I blew up like a C2, combos with m1s and m2s.
  • Completely destroy you, bones in pieces, eating you up, like I lost a few screws
  • I might cry when I do it like Picke but at least you aren't confused
  • On why you're abused, and you're a prey to be consumed
  • Just posting this, you seem like a prey fulls of wounds
  • You better be ready to be eaten like a bitch by 100 dudes
  • And don't be sad, that happened to your sister because of her sending nudes
  • Now let's go back to your song, you acting all depressed
  • All of it is wack, it didn't got me in the feels, didn't need a feeling repellent chest
  • Silver of attention you're obsessed with, even willing to act possessed
  • That is why you aren't getting any, YOU'RE TOO FUCKING STRESSED
  • Your lyrics are weak and doesn't make sense, why would anyone invest
  • Even Johnny test being cancelled got me more depressed
  • All that I request is that you stop with this shit, nobodies impressed
  • No one gonna watch it just because Lucid on the front screen
  • You being side to side with Billie or anyone like her, that's not even obtainable in your own dream


  • No use for the phonies
  • I'll see you in hell
  • Don't say that you know me
  • Just say what you spell
  • No use for the phonies
  • I'll see you in hell
  • Don't say that you know me
  • Just say what you spell
  • Well, the stakes are high and often I
  • Ask myself why and I can't deny
  • That when I imply the end is nigh
  • For your career, they don't reply
  • So to satisfy the naked eye
  • They apply a mask and attempt to try
  • To imitate the ones who made it high
  • So...
  • Let's expose 'em as phonies
  • Don't got room for fake homies
  • I got these people who claim they know me
  • And these phonies want to to phone me
  • But all they really want is to slow me
  • (Down)
  • So,,,
  • No use for the phonies
  • I'll see you in hell
  • Don't say that you know me
  • Just say what you spell
  • No use for the phonies
  • I'll see you in hell
  • Don't say that you know me
  • Just say what you spell
  • Don't you bitches try to act fake
  • Don't throw your arms around me
  • Because that's a mistake
  • The difference between
  • us is that I get paid
  • To make my own music
  • And while you get paid to
  • To steal other music
  • Nothing else to say
  • bitch

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