Battles  Vindicated vs Nazi-2


He wanted a diss... and got what he wanted;)

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Vindicated won this battle!


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Battle on October 15 2020 and Battle on October 20 2020


  • Wait... hol' up... Do you even rap?
  • Half the shit in your portfolio is equivalent to crap
  • Acting like one em basic white girl up on Snapchat
  • Because halfway through your speel and I'm taking a nap
  • More fake than Kim Kardashian's tits
  • Your raps are like Cheetos 'cus they give me the shits
  • Looking through your raps is like looking through scripts
  • Your profile screams at me saying "I"m A Bitch"
  • I went easy on you last battle and I still won
  • Bout to do it again and make it two to none
  • I ain't evin sweating it, this shit's fun
  • Kill you with my lyrics, don't need a gun
  • Watch America beats the Nazi's once again
  • I'll do it over and over, so grab a friend
  • Your rhymes are pathetic, time for you to end
  • Wrote this all out and now I'm hitting send... Bitch


  • Hello Vindicated, you seem to be full of hatred
  • You don't seem to be motivated, is that why you're frustrated
  • Cause I vomit out the chocolate I ate it, and the ice in the bucket
  • And it's because I saw desperate shit you wrote in your album, I need to be aided
  • Or is it because you can't rap on stage cause you don't have any clue
  • And you need to rap on stage to have a clue, call it a real catch-22
  • Don't be too sad, a fire roast is what I'm gonna spew to help your issue
  • And you can continue being a person that's brain dead and lost a few screws
  • But I think you'll be the same when it all comes to play
  • Cause yesterday, I sang a "Teenage Love Song" on your early birthday
  • Its seems I'm wrong, still cray cray cause you think that shit was okay
  • Don't be afraid to stop calling people 'simps' when you would easily get swayed
  • It's hard for you kind of people to admit the truth, when you can't improve
  • Every characteristic you can't even remove from your own youth
  • You're a sad excuse, in terms of rapping he had too many fuse
  • Don't complain to me and your issues, from you albums, I already have enough clues
  • Now it seems, you are acquit from the submit of beating a person so hard they felt a hit
  • Cause you're so bad at rapping, they didn't think it was you who did it, so you should "ac"tually "quit"

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