Battles  PenThrax vs PsychoPuppet


Max 11 bars come with it no trash

Max of 11 lines


PsychoPuppet won this battle!


  • Put back your catalogue/ I've been known to verbally damage all/ superbly grand with bars/
  • My Hyperboles dance with stars/ Deserving of mass applause/ Pause/
  • This my Gauze flow/ for the way I soak in that God glow/ just stop/ you'll get mauled bro/
  • I Pop Smoke and I aint talking Marlboros/
  • Rhyme scheme equivalent to a tanto/ turn you to John Joe/ scratch that, I meant a John Doe/
  • Pronto/
  • Penthrax is top row like carry on cargo/ you would've thought this was a car show/
  • For the way I'm bucking like a Bronco/
  • Pen Pablo the Pen head Honcho/ my Pen Macho/ and the skills real Mondo/
  • I've been that cold ever since I've been that low/ that mud turned a sandbox Soldier to a G.I Joe/


  • I may be the puppet but these losses got em gettin all mad
  • Now y’all got a stick up ya ass like a ventriloquist act
  • With the writtens I’m back to spittin with Thrax
  • The flames I came with the only way it’s lit in this match
  • I’m out here droppin science, too busy to pass a chemistry class
  • As he Lays in the grave I got the chips in the bag
  • Type to stab you if you ain’t spell my name in capital letters
  • And I put that on everything like a packet of ketchup

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