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Max 16 lines no rules

Max of 19 lines


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  • Aye Peep the pen/ you couldn't coop a hen/ not a peep my friend you shouldn't speak to men/
  • Birthed in a monsters den/ flow hot like something you put some lobsters in/
  • Or cook some pasta in/ nigga the doctor's in/ euthanizing this imposters trend/
  • No Scrutinizing my writing I'm Jack Nicholson cause my rhyming a shining/
  • And my timing is violent/ I'm just implying some sirens/
  • Donate your body to science/ I'm lyrically licensed to silence/
  • Got my guidance from lions/ spit Poseidon's trident to titans/
  • So Nigga Bring the casket in/ you softer then some rabbit skin/
  • I'll Wrap and basket him/ then throw him in a basket bin/ bring the compactor in/
  • And compact a win/
  • So here's some positive proof goof/ the Pen the truth doof/
  • Worded art and clever smarts makes troops go poof poof/
  • Picasso with rhyme schemes/ head honcho of lined themes/
  • And Threaded by fine seams/


  • My state of mind is an insane asylum
  • Mined for years and never gazed at diamonds
  • Must escape this cage I was raised inside
  • Another dream, it seems, I can’t race with time
  • While they try and give chase to make me hide
  • Hands burnin but I stay and write till the page ignites
  • What kind of sane man lies awake at night?
  • And shakes with fright at all the strangest sights
  • Gotta zig zag around my problems, make an impact
  • Sometimes I have a vision, sometimes it’s pitch black
  • And I keep thinkin “What if this...what if that?”
  • What if nothin works, can I embrace my setbacks?
  • Everything has deadlines, it must be done by that time
  • But as time passes everybody has a flatline
  • I said too much, better drop the pen and paper
  • Back to my schedule of somber situations

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