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  • Before this starts I have no regards for this soul that’s lost
  • Soul eater I got one soul left before I reach my mark
  • Death Scythe is my weapon of choice against these little boys
  • Who want a shot at the throne before they get destroyed
  • Justin I’m sorry I can see your rage and anger
  • I never met a kid from Washington claiming he’s a gangster
  • Acting untouchable when I’m the one who’s got the gun at you
  • It’s clear I got him heading for a cliff and I ain’t talking Huxtables
  • I’m tired of you bragging like you at the top of the summit
  • I’ll leave your blood leaking like a heparin shot in the stomach
  • Quit feeling yourself you ain’t hard, Im not even scared of you a little bit
  • Been waiting for you to say something so you get exposed as a little bitch
  • He claims he the best battler, I’ll believe it when he fights
  • Always running from attacks, what you think you Wesley snipes
  • Tryna survive these headshots, bitch you ain’t 50 cent
  • How you claiming the throne and you lose more than you win
  • Lies shooting out your mouth like it’s some weird infatuation
  • All these caps flying through the air this ain’t a graduation
  • I didn’t even have to try that hard to light you up
  • I Thought I’d give myself a laugh cause I’m bored as fuck
  • I’m already taking the dub I want to know who’s next
  • Quit jerking around before they find your body a wreck
  • I’ll just give you a shitty verse first to see it your reply is up to par
  • And I’ll be waiting with these two dots on your colon, punctuation mark


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  • Your bars got me weak man I can't stop laughing
  • CSL, your bars sound like a script to a bomb ass comedy
  • You won the raffle to battle me but you got ROFL'ing
  • Telling jokes but I'm the man who will have the last laugh
  • Nigga I'm dead, you're killing me, with those bars that belong in the trash
  • Telling stand up comedy but it's too late for lol's
  • You need to stop typing trash and put yo hands in the air like "lol"
  • I'm not feeling your wack disses like someone that doesn't use Braille
  • You implied that there's no gangsters living in Washington
  • Anyone can tell ya there's hoods everywhere no matter what state ya in
  • Just cause the niggas gangbanging you ain't from the WA doesn't mean we don't got em
  • Apparently I'm not gangster but CSL is with the death threats
  • But if I snapped on him, he'd cry and sew me like sewing threads
  • And nobody really believes you're with the shits
  • We give you a pass to say all that to feel important and shit
  • Like, go ahead, pop your shit and talk how you want to feel tough
  • Talking cliffs in ya diss but I read your cliff notes and I'm calling your bluff
  • I'll snap on you and leave no traces of your existence like Snapchat
  • Got a trick up your sleeve then cast it so I can put you in a casket
  • Boy all you do is pretend, that's pretentious, you aint on shit
  • I checked your props, digits so small I don't need a calculator
  • All the rap songs since '14 you put to paper ain't making any paper
  • You're an old head, it makes sense why you're such a grumpy hater
  • Nigga you been writing on RadPad so long you need to start writing a will
  • You old as dirt and ain't grow like there's something fucked with your soil
  • Drizzy Drake, you started from the bottom and you're still down there
  • You're so fucking irrelevant on RapPad we didn't know you were there
  • I'm giving you life by battling your dead carcass of an account
  • How you been on RapPad for 6 years but no one knows who you are?
  • That shit makes no fucking sense like a free discount
  • And now look at this fucking faggot CSL, desperate so he's battling me for the clout
  • You wasted too much time boy you need to work on your timing
  • Nobody knows who the fuck you are like when police come questioning
  • They like, "do you know who CSL is?"
  • "He's wanted for 1st degree felony of writing garbage ass raps"
  • And they rub their chin remembering your shitty bars but not you
  • You're like the greatest criminal, man
  • You could rob a bank with no mask and walk away and no one will remember you
  • At least you have some kind of a future in you
  • No I can't stop laughing...
  • It's too late for all the lol's..
  • I'm ROFL'ing while your heads on the ground rolling...

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